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To Be Read eReader Diving

My rather quirky find!

reader diving image

One of the things I found myself doing in 2020 was diving deeper into my TBR (to be read) on my eReader. I actually have books on apps on my tablet, apps that include all the major vendors. Lol So I tend to move around on the apps a lot, looking for a book to grab me and pull me out of the real world for a bit. 

As I was browsing my virtual bookshelves, I came across a rather quirky entry: MY BROTHER LOUIS MEASURE WORMS AND OTHER LOUIS STORIES by Barbara Robinson.

You might know her from THE GREATEST CHRISTMAS PAGEANT EVER. If you haven’t read it (and there was a movie), you’ve missed a rare and delightful treat. 

A little background. I first encountered Robinson through a women’s magazine, back when short stories were part of the better mags (IMHO). I discovered a lot of favorite authors reading their short stories, or abridgments of their books in my mom’s magazines. 

For Robinson, we were doing a road trip and my mom started to read this story. It had a different title from the one in the above book, but it was so funny and we were laughing so hard, my mom had trouble reading the story. 

The story stuck with me enough that when the internet arrived, I went looking for the story and found more than a story, I found this collection and more. 

I did mention the quirky, right? Because her humor might not strike home for everyone, but when I opened this collection of her short stories, she pulled me right back into her world. The cover looks like a kids’ book, but it really isn’t. It is for adults who remember—or who wants to remember—what it is like to be a kid. It reminds you of the peculiar logic of the young, of a world separate from adults. 

Anyway, if you’re looking for a little light and some laughter, check it out. And don’t forget to track down THE GREATED CHRISTMAS PAGEANT EVER. I know Christmas is over, but there is never a wrong time to laugh.

Did you find anything good in your TBR recently?

Perilously yours,


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