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Just in Time

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“…an action-packed complex plot, engaging, smart characters and that signature sense of humor that I love.” Whiskey With My Book

Time Travel Romance by USA Today Bestselling Author Pauline Baird Jones

Delve into a romantic saga where love transcends time and space, and past, present, and future collide. Join a daring pilot from the present and an ingenious inventor from the past as they defy the odds to save their love and their lives.

Ty Granger, a dedicated scientist and military pilot, has joined the effort to fight those who would manipulate time for their own benefit. He travels back to 1954 to investigate a suspicious incident around the development of an innovative aircraft. But his mission takes an unexpected turn when he falls for the talented inventor of the device – a woman who will die by the end of the week. 

Alice Merriweather is on a mission to validate her extraordinary creation’s ability to soar the skies. But as suspicions of sabotage hover around her project, Alice takes a gamble and places her trust in the enigmatic man who sees her as his equal.

With history hanging by a thread, Ty grapples with the ticking clock, hoping to save his love from her impending doom. 

Alice, deeply in love with the man from the future, is prepared to sacrifice her life, if it means her groundbreaking work and the man she loves will survive.

But with murky enemies threatening to erase Ty and Alice’s existence, can their love story find its happily ever after?

Just in Time is the enthralling second installment in the Out of Time Stories, a clean & wholesome romantic science fiction series. 

If you’re drawn to paradox-filled plots, irresistible chemistry, and heart-wrenching moments, then you’ll be captivated by Pauline Baird Jones’ engrossing adventure.

Buy Just in Time today and embark on a romantic journey through time!

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