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Perilous P’s Dark Side Explained

My go-to place is

Travertine Terrace

At first sight, I thought this was a picture of a monster mouth opening wide to eat something. Possibly a hero.  Though one always hopes it is the villain going down.

I suppose it is a bit scary that my go-to place is the monster mouth. When I go back in time in my mind, I think I always had a kind of dark side. I was sure there was a monster under my bed. And one in my closet.

Though I think kids tend to be…darker…than adults want to admit. When my sibs and I would play together (on those rare occasions we weren’t fighting with each other…) the play was kind of violence based. Wars. Battles. Some dolls mixed in there.

One of our favorite games, though, was to to set up my brother’s electric train, make little people out of our mom’s plant arranging clay and devise various train related deaths for those little people. We also liked to dig tunnels in the vacant lot, then use to them launch attacks on each other…

Yeah, I’m certainly seeing a pattern here.

I have a theory that my fictional mayhem is what keeps me mellow in my real life. I just funnel it all into the books. Or work it off in my reading. And my Angry Birds.

The other element of all my dark side play is a story telling truth. Drama is more interesting. Drama makes play time more interesting. It makes television, movies and books more interesting.

So maybe I’m not as weird as I sometimes fear I am.

What did you see when you saw the photo? Were you a “dark” child, too?


Perilously yours,



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