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Why Cynthia Sax Wrote CRASH AND BURN

Crash and Burn_Cyn-Sax

Some folks might think the reason why I wrote Crash And Burn is simple. Readers first meet Crash, the hero of Crash And Burn, the third standalone story in my cyborg series, in Releasing Rage, the first story. Of course, I’d write his story.

That’s true but we also meet dozens of other equally intriguing cyborg warriors. Why would I write Crash’s story third? Why not fourth or ninth or thirteenth?

There are a number of reasons why I wrote his story third.

Rage, the hero of the first story, is Crash’s best friend. I didn’t want Crash to feel left out of the love for too long. That would lessen the happy in Rage’s happy ever after.

Rage and Vapor, the first two heroes, love to fight (they love to fight for very different reasons). Crash fights but he doesn’t like it. At all. He’s vowed to never kill another being. We see that cyborgs, although manufactured in the same vats, are all very different. They’re as individual and as interesting as humans.

Crash is being pushed into the action. Gap, Crash’s friend, is eager to find his female (one of the hundred females from the birthing class, not having a big strong warrior to protect her – grins). He won’t allow Crash to simply sit on the sidelines and wait.

Thus far, with the exception of the heroines, we’ve only met the bad humans. Crash And Burn will introduce a group of humans who are trying to make the universe a better place. They’re rebelling against the Humanoid Alliance, the cyborg’s enemies, also. This balance is needed.

But most of all, there is something that has to happen in Crash’s story that will affect the way readers view the entire series. It’s necessary that this be told at this moment in the series. We’ve been building to this story with the first two stories (even though this series will have more stories in it, I still usually view the stories in groups of three, in trilogies and this is the third story in the first trilogy).

Readers might love or hate this something but they certainly won’t be bored.

What do you expect from the third standalone story in a series? Do you have different expectations if the series is closed (it has a fixed, known number of stories) vs open (it has an unknown, almost unlimited number of possible stories)?


Crash and Burn_Cyn-SaxAbout Crash And Burn

Crash was manufactured to be one of the best warriors in the universe. The cyborg has spent many human lifespans fighting the enemy. But, unlike his battle-loving brethren, he doesn’t enjoy killing. When he escapes the Humanoid Alliance, he vows to never end another life.

Then he meets Safyre, an infuriating human female, and he considers breaking his vow.

Safyre will do anything to save her friend, the being she loves like a sister. She’ll ravish a huge hunky cyborg, kiss his best friend, and invoke scorching hot desires the male never realized he could feel. Dark soulful eyes, a quick wit, and a tempestuous passion won’t divert her from her mission.

Love, and a planet-destroying weapon, however, might stop her permanently.

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About Cynthia Sax

USA Today bestselling author Cynthia Sax writes contemporary, SciFi and paranormal erotic romances. Her stories have been featured in Star Magazine, Real Time With Bill Maher, and numerous best of erotic romance top ten lists.

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