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Why Project Enterprise is Like Project Runway

And one way it isn't...

chase scene

“Why did I sign up for this?”

It is release week AND #grandmaproject time! So I thought I would catch my breath and do a quick (hopefully) fun post mostly because I am watching the finale as I write this post. 

Let’s see how many reasons I can come up with…

1. My characters live the unconventional challenge every day. 

2. Suffering is not optional.

3. Just when they think they’ve got it figured out, the challenge changes.

4. They find allies in unexpected places.

5. Each challenge gets harder.

6. If they aren’t true to themselves, they will lose.

7. You can be in and then out. 

8. No one knows when it will be over until it’s over.

9. They don’t know their own strength until they have to dig deep and keep going. 

10. Everyone wants to survive to love again.

How Maestra Rising is NOT like Project Runway? 

On Project Enterprise, people only die inside when they lose. In Project Enterprise, survival is optional. 

Have you read the book yet? Did I miss anything? I hope you’ve got it on your reader and are diving in for your latest intergalactic adventure!

Perilously yours,


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