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Why Ana del C. Dye Wrote THE SILENT WARRIOR Series

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At some point, every author feels that itch to write but what triggers it is for all the authors different. For me it happened when I finished reading Lord of the Rings following the enthusiastic encouragement from my middle son. It took a long time since English is my second language and Tolkien doesn’t really use the same English I learned in Utah, USA. But I was hooked.

The rich story in those books did something in my mind and heart and I haven’t been the same since. I fell in love, not only with the story, but also the characters and their relationship with each other.

I thirsted to know more about the giant eagles, the elves, the wizards and dwarves. What was life like for them in their own kingdoms? What did they believe in and why? and who did they love?

I couldn’t ask Tolkien or so my husband told me, after I inquired about it, “Tolkien is dead.” And I felt so alone in a big bad world full of questions. After I pestered my husband with many questions about the characters, their lives and possible scenarios he demanded that I make up my own answers. Three days latter The Silent Warrior Trilogy was born. I couldn’t believe how easily it came to me and how beautiful the story was that was uncovered before my very eyes.

Book one, The Elf and the Princess, was inspired by the what if…What if Legolas fell in love…who would he love? What kind of woman could be a match for him? Not just any woman, she has to be special in many ways and in every way his equal.

Book two, Trouble in the Elf City, was created by the characters who had much more to tell. The first book in the trilogy had ended with a happy ever after, but they knew better and wanted me to acknowledge this fact.
Book three, Elf in a Conquered Realm, came to be because I couldn’t leave the beautiful kingdom of Menarm dead. I wanted to give them a chance to prove themselves and have more than just a small scene in the Silent Warrior Trilogy.

Now, after hard revisions, The Silent Warrior Trilogy has been re-launched, brand new and exciting, for your enjoyment.
Author’s Bio:

photo of Ana del C. DyeAnna del C. Dye, was born in Chile and lives in Utah with her husband Rodney. They are the parents of three princes and a princess. Anna del C. Dye is an accomplished, multi-award winning author. Her short story “Amerine—Fairy Princess” won 2nd place in the Oquirrh Writers contest. The first book in her new YA Romance Series entitled “A Kingdom By The Sea” won 2nd place in The Absolutely Write contest. Book three of “The Silent Warrior Trilogy,” won a bronze seal in the League of Utah Writers. Shahira and the Flying Elfs won Honor in the Oquirrh first chapter contest. Emerine’s Nightmare, a pre-teens short story, won 1st place right before it was released in digital formats for the Kindle and Nook.

Anna’s works include “The Silent Warrior Trilogy,” the beginning saga of her young adult elf series. Book one, “The Elf and the Princess” book two, “Trouble in the Elf City” and book three, “Elfs in a Conquered Realm.” Her standalone books: “Curse of the Elfs,” “A Royal Elf of Abalon”, “Shahira and the Flying Elfs” and “Roilden Stone of Elf Mountain,”  also her children’s book “Emerine’s nightmare

You can find The Silent Warrior Trilogy at:
Barnes and Noble
Her website

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