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We Were So Young!

Been married a long time!

We Were So Young-Pauline Baird Jones

My dad used to tell me about a neighbor who married when he was fourteen (I think if I am remembering correctly). His wife was twelve. 

The neighbor used to say, “I’ve been married as long as I can recollect.” 

When people ask me how long the hubs and I have been married, I’m tempted to quote that neighbor. 

No, I didn’t get married at twelve, but we did get married forty-seven years ago tomorrow. 

All the numbers in my life are getting bigger, even for someone who really sucks at math (I did have to use a calculator to get the right number. LOL)

When the hubs and I began our grand adventure together, we believed we’d reach this milestone, but we didn’t think about it.

We just lived our lives, faced our challenges, figured out our differences, and had some wonderful times. 

The days ticked by, the months rolled over, the years passed.

And here we are. 

Happy to still be together and a little bewildered by the math. The thing about getting older is that when you’re looking out of your eyes, you sometimes forget those big numbers. 

Because we’re still living our lives, etc. 

When the jolt of reality hits me, in addition to the surprise, I also feel gratitude for the journey we’ve made together and grateful we still love (and like) each other. 

He can still make me laugh and despite his claims to the contrary, I don’t fictionally kill him in my books. He’s too nice to be a victim.

No promises for anyone else I meet. LOL

Perilously yours,


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