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Vintage Memory Lane

Warning! Some random old photographs from my past.

six old photos

As part of our unpacking of the move from a deep, hot place, I’ve been unearthing things I’d forgotten I had. Haphazardly stuffed in one badly packed box, I found a tiny shoebox full of random photographs. 

Top left is my little brother Bryan on Christmas morning with Grandma Gwynn looking on. I love seeing the faces, but also our vintage furniture.

Top middle is my dad looking sassy in some new clothes. I’m not sure if this is the same time frame, but that corner of marble coffee table? Yeah, it was still in the house when we started to close it down.

Top right is my dad again. He’s putting the lights on the tree. We always cut our own when I was little. It was our day-after-Thanksgiving activity.

Bottom left is my dad once more. He’s on our appaloosa. He was not a great horse. That shed was my dad’s first woodworking space. It was on the empty lot by our house. Behind him you can see the alfalfa fields that used to be back there and the high school in the distance. Both places now have houses there.

Bottom middle is one of our many cats. If I’m remembering right, this was a particular favorite. It went missing, which was sad. I picture all our cats around my mom’s feet and perhaps one or two sleeping on my dad’s chest.

Bottom right. This picture is one of not many with my mom. She didn’t like getting her picture taken. In fact, she was likely on the other side of the camera for all the pictures but this one. She’s helping Bryan find a spot for an ornament while Neil places the high stuff.

It was fun to find the photos and remember where I came from, remember who I used to be. And to remember people very dear to me.

And to remember that I have survived a LOT of Augusts. lol

Perilously yours,


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