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Today You Can Celebrate These

National Days...

March 21 Common Courtesy- Pauline Baird Jones

I see people posting about this or that National day, so I thought I’d check out the breaking, celebration news for March 21—which is also the Vernal Equinox so we have exactly the same amount of night and day in which to celebrate the following:

National Crunchy Taco Day – I am always in favor of celebrating tacos, crunchy or soft.

National Common Courtesy Day – Wouldn’t it be great if everyone celebrated this by being polite to each other? And then, just keep doing it. Repeat after me, “Please,” and “Thank you.”

National French Bread – Bread. Well, yay for bread! 

World Puppetry Day – I will admit to being a little confused by this one. I’m not anti-puppetry, just not sure how to celebrate it. Suggestions welcome!

There are more things you can celebrate today, but I didn’t want to mention things like National Teenager Day, because isn’t every day? 🙄

There is also Easter and St. Patrick’s Day. I do miss celebrating St. Pat’s Day in New Orleans. (Its’ a green Mardi Gras.)

Do you have a favorite observance for March? 

Perilously yours,


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