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The Allure of the Tiny House?

© ckellyphoto/ Dollar Photo Club Used with permission.

© ckellyphoto/ Dollar Photo Club Used with permission.

I keep meaning to write this blog post (every time I see an ad for Tiny Houses on HGTV). As someone who has tried to downsize (and went a bit too far), I can understand the appeal of paring down your life, your living space, and the cost of that living space.


Two hundred and fifty square feet? That’s really tiny.

Let me start by saying, I have only seen a few of the episodes of the show, so I’m generalizing A LOT, based on very little watching (haha, little watching, I know, lame). But from my limited viewing, I noticed that if a guy was looking at a tiny house, it was because he had a female significant other. I have not seen a show with only a guy looking for a tiny house.

Which makes me think it’s the girls that like the tiny houses and the guys are might be going along for the ride. I could be wrong, but stay with me.

Hark back to your youth, girls. And yeah, guys can, too, because guys had clubhouses, or tried to. (Which means even if a guy is looking at a tiny house on his own, my theory could still work.) Think about it:

  • Play houses

  • Treehouses

  • Club houses

They all have one thing in common: kid-sized spaces for playing in.

I had a friend who had a play house. It was cool and I can’t tell you how much I wanted one, too. My siblings and I used to “build” small play spaces with blankets, weeds (don’t judge), and scraps of wood. My brothers hammered boards onto some places in the stand of trees in our backyard. Not even close to a treehouse, but an attempt at one.

We tried tunneling.

Do you see a theme?

Kid-sized. Kid-controlled.

I’ll admit, I’ve looked at some of the tiny houses and thought, that’s looks really fun. Fun. Not livable. Fun.

And then they show them the bathroom and that’s when they lose me. I do not want to live somewhere I have to drop my pants and back into. Haha

The hubs and I bought a popup camper because it was cute. I don’t even like to camp, but it totally tapped into my deep seated longing for a play house. I thought it was “fun” until we actually used it. Then I wanted to sell it on the spot.

So am I right? Or close to right? Is the tiny house deal really about our inner child? Or do I need to watch more episodes? I love comments so much that I pick a favorite to receive my monthly AnaBanana gift basket ($25 value).  Recipient is announced the first blog post of the new month.

Perilously yours,


P.S. I obviously love me a well appointed bathroom and that might filter into my books. I know my characters love well appointed bathrooms, too. Sara particularly has a tough time in The Key. You can get read the first part for free, buy the whole book, or get it boxed with Girl Gone Nova

The Key: Part One

The Key: Part One


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