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The #SummerofSFR Continues!

SF+R is the bomb, IMHO. Witherspin by Alexis Glynn Later is the bomb, too!

summer of sfr promo

It’s week 3 in the Summer of SFR, but it is week 1 of July. I hope you’re enjoying all the SFR as much as I am. I love that science fiction romance is about the possibilities of the future and the possibilities of romance. SF+R is the bomb, IMHO. 

So, third week, the third book in my Project Enterprise series: Tangled in Time. 

cover art

He was supposed to land in Area 51…

This book takes a little bit of a sidestep that stops some readers because they think it is something it isn’t. Yes, there is a bit of steampunk, but it’s very quirky and most of the story is still solidly scifi romance with some time travel thrown in there. You can read the story behind the story here and find more about Tangled in Time here. 

cover artThis week I want to recommend another favorite author. Like my previous authors, I had a hard time narrowing my recommendation down to one book. I decided on Alexis’ latest book, but if you want to start at the beginning of the beginning, then go back and read the Aeon’s Legacy series. 

You can find out about all her books on her website. 

Here’s the blurb:

In a spinning city full of intrigue, romance, and dangerous games, the word for everything going wrong is “witherspin.” Nia Courant is an interstellar lawyer with a shadowed past. Gyle Martan is a University official who is not at all what he seems. Both are outsiders in the space-station city called Wendis. When everything goes wrong around them, they soon become allies in danger and adversaries in love.

Witherspin is now available for Kindle and other e-book readers. (<—Books2read link).

I hope you’re enjoying the Summer of SFR as much as I am! As always, I shared mine, so please share yours!

Perilously yours,


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