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The Story Behind My Audiobooks

Pondering my audiobook journey...

Audiobooks Out of Time Just in Time Pauline Baird Jones

I don’t know if your summer was as busy as mine! If it was, hope it was busy in a good way! I didn’t get much reading done, but I was able to get some listening in, which was lovely.

I was pondering my audiobook journey—both personal and professional—and realized it’s not something I’ve shared here on my blog. 

I was not an avid audiobook listener in my younger days. I don’t know exactly why, though I also know audiobooks weren’t that much of thing when I was younger.  And for whatever reason, I didn’t focus as well when listening (not just a problem with audiobooks haha).

But that changed when I ventured into the audiobook market with my own books. There was definitely something magical about hearing my words taken from the page and given voice. 

I have come to understand that reading and listening are two very different experiences, but that they are also equally satisfying. I discover new things when I listen to a book I’ve read (I know, it’s a bit wonky, but I do like to listen to books I’ve read). 

It’s also been lovely to be able to listen to books when I’m doing activities that won’t let me sit down and read (laundry, I’m looking at you!). 

So, about ten years ago, when ACX opened for indie authors to get their books into audio, I jumped in and managed to get most of my books (at the time) into audio. It was actually my first taste of BEING indie. I became addicted to being paid monthly (instead of quarterly or twice a year or—yes it happened—ONCE a year). 

But then Audible did some shady things and when the contracts expired, I pulled down the audiobooks (sadly). 

I thought I was done with them, but one of my narrators reached out to me about trying to get the Out of Time audiobook back out into the world. Becky Boyd is a wonderful narrator and I loved the Out of Time audiobook, so I was willing to give it a go.

And I’m glad I did. Becky and I have been working on getting some of my other books out in audio. I currently have 16 books available in audio, with more to come! For a few of the books, I’m once again working with the original narrators, but most of the new releases were narrated by Becky.

She also did Just in Time, the sequel—next book in series?—to Out of Time. It was such a thrill to have the ebook, the audiobook and the print version releasing so close together, thanks to Becky.

Here’s the series blurb for my Out of Time books:

A complex time travel series, with smart, engaging characters, and a sense of humor. Strap on for a “…magical, romantic, and funny…” ride through history.

The other lovely thing that has happened, now that I’ve gone “wide,” (stopped being exclusive with Audible), my audiobooks are also available to libraries. If you click here, you can see all the vendors where you can find my audiobooks! You can also listen to a sample at any of those vendors. 🙂

And if you like to check out audiobooks from the library, don’t forget to ask them to get the Out of Time books!

Here’s to more happy listening for all of us!

Perilously yours,


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