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You Missed the New Who? Seriously?

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So last week was an ode to Dr. Whos, past and present. Then the week culminated with the introduction of a new Who. Doctor Who that is.

I always have a little trouble making the transition to a new guy. I was just getting used to Christopher Eccleston when he morphed into David Tennant. Okay, so that wasn’t too painful. I mean, David Tennant. But I liked him so much I was not prepared for his transformation into Matt Smith. I did end up liking Smith. He does have mournful, puppy dog eyes. And he hung around long enough that I bonded with him.

And then there is the whole, revolving-door-companions-issue. O.O

Obviously, I have trouble with change. And no control over the show. LOL

And here we are, arriving at BIG CHANGE. A new Who.

And not just a new Who. A departure from previous Whos.

I’m still getting used to Clara, the current companion and impossible girl. And I know that some Whovians did not care for the reboot, The Day of the Doctor, but I loved seeing it in the theater and seeing it again last Saturday before meeting the new Who. What can I say? I’m a fan of reboots. Of twisted, convoluted plots and I love, love, love time travel, which often involves resets and changing of time lines.

Wasn’t wild about the episode where Smith makes his exit. I guess it figures the script after Day of the Doctor would be on the weak side. It was like one of those prolonged death scenes the Carol Burnett used to make fun of on her show. They threw in everything but–wait, I think I even saw a kitchen sink in there. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect every episode to wow my socks off. And the poor ep had to follow on the heels of Day of the Doctor. Probably never did have a chance.

Which brings us to the new Who.

My first reaction was about the same as Clara’s. What the heck!?! I’d seen photos, seem some teasers, but it was still a shock. And I can’t imagine how hard it would be to try to break new ground in a show that’s been around as long as Who. I’m not a fan girl yet–possibly never will be–but I didn’t hate him by the end (had a few moments of wondering I will admit!) and I’m willing to give him time to settle in to the part and make it his. Hey, the whole franchise is about taking an adventure.

I’m sticking with it. Probably always was. I mean it’s Who. Who bails on Who?

What about you? Did you check out the new Who? Are you a Whovian? Not and never will be? I’ll still like you. 🙂 And I love comments. I enter them into my monthly drawing for AnaBanana gift basket ($25 value). I announce a winner the first blog post of each month.

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Since we’re talking time travel, you know I had to feature Out of Time down here.

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