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(Perilous) Pauline Baird Jones’ Scenic Route, Part 2

Pauline Baird Jones, writer, author, romantic suspense author, science fiction romance author, steampunk, humor

Mainstreet Lovell WY, Perilous Pauline’s hometown.

Last week I wrote about why I re-fashioned my blog into “Taking the Scenic Route.” Then I went to this great steampunk convention called OctopodiCon in Oklahoma City, OK (which I will blog about and share pics from in another blog post). One of the things my blogging class has suggested is that I blog at least three times a week. I swear, I did try, then fell back into a twice a week, mostly because I realized I didn’t have the right focus for a third day.

On Monday we “chat” about “stuff.” On Friday, I post funny videos I’ve stumbled over and share links. And Wednesday has stared me down for months, daring me to come up with something, anything that will fill it. I’ve literally been a thought bubble in search of words for months now.

An empty thought bubble is very sad.

What is ironic is that my Wednesday theme or meme (really not sure which is right!) was staring me in the face, or maybe that is my theme was trying to crawl into my thought bubble. It was waving its…punctuation and trying to get my attention. It finally had to steal BamBam’s club and hit me over the head, but I got there. (I also got heartburn, but I promise I won’t even blog there.)

What was this blinding flash of revelation you ask? Well, it’s: The Scenic Route.

I know. So obvious! Do duh! So here’s the plan. On Wednesday’s I mini blog about the scenic route (either mine, the hubs, or LIFE) and in the process share some more of the hubs’ awesome pictures (with his permission, natch). The new meme/whatever will begin on October 17th. Hopefully, what you’ll get out of it is a) something really cool to see and b) more chances to win the AnaBanana Gift Card (if you comment!). What I get is that Wednesday quits giving me the smirk. Win-win in fact.

And if you’re on Twitter, I’m also “launching” my own hashtag. Trust me, the link will explain what they are better than I can. Technically, no one can own a hashtag, but I looked around and no one was using #PerilousP so (drum roll, please!), if you’ve got something to tell me, you want to talk about this blog, my books with me or others (I hope!), someone else’s book, funny stuff, AnaBanana goodies, Life, bacon, chocolate, movies, or just stuff not promotional, then pop over and tweet me with the hashtag. And I’ll respond, not always immediately, but as soon as I can. I won’t say I won’t squee about things on occasion, but I won’t be pumping out the promo either.

You can also find it by subscribing to my list, PerilousP by paulinebjones. (If you use Tweetdeck or Hootsuit, you can create a column for it and track the tweets. I know, it sounds crazy and it kind of is, but welcome to the weird world of social media!) I’m hoping it can be a fun place to chat, free of the clutter of promo and spam (or that is the plan). Think of it as pausing to drink coffee (Diet Dr. Pepper on my side) and having a quick chat.

So that’s my news, my aha, my meme. Well, other than squee news that all of my remaining twelve novels are in audio book production! And my publisher is releasing three collections of my short stories: Project Enterprise, The Romances and The Mysteries. When I have release dates, I will squee some more. For now—-> be sure to pop over on Wednesday and check out the shiny, new day and let me know what you think. Because every comment goes in the hat for a $10 AnaBanana Gift Card of good cheer (though in October it is the GC of extreme creepy/yummy).

Pauline Baird Jones, author, writer, romantic suspense author, science fiction romance author, steampunk, humor




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