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Why I Wrote Let’s Fall In Love

My romance short story collection

cover art

I love romance novels. Don’t hate me (well, you can if you want). I have a romantic soul. I love happy endings. I love cute meets, surprise meets, dangerous meets, first kisses, last kisses—and most of all, I LOVE happy endings.

When I realized I wanted to be a writer, I decided that I would write what they call a traditional romance novel. That is one that is just about the romance. So I started my story, The Spy Who Kissed Me. Everything was going most romantically, then the hero decided to “meet” my heroine while diving through the sunroof of her car. In a hail of bullets.

Before I knew it, I’d written a romantic suspense novel, not the traditional novel I’d envisioned. It was fun. And cathartic, shooting things up, so I stayed with romantic suspense.

Then LIFE HAPPENED. A lot. Yes, I got a blog theme from it (when I finally figured it out), but while it was happening, I found myself penning some mini romances. Not novels. Short stories. I had a little fun playing with some of the familiar romance tropes, such as my version of the arrogant sheik story, Romeo and Juliet with a happy ending, etc. But I never mess with the happy ending trope. No way.

I posted some on my website, others I submitted to some anthologies. More time passed. My former publisher collected them into Romance Stories. Yeah, not the best title ever. Blame me. At the time I was, apparently, brain dead.

When my publisher closed its doors last summer, and I began re-releasing my books, my romance stories got pushed to the bottom of the list as more LIFE HAPPENED. (Funny how it keeps doing that.)

But things have quieted down some (knock on wood), so I’ve been able to turn my attention to my neglected projects. The biggest challenge was coming with a better title than Romance Stories. I must give a shout-out here to Joan Reeves, who quizzed me about the themes in the stories (which were originally re-released as Take a Chance on Me and Let’s Fall in Love). For reasons I can’t recall now, I decided to roll all the romance stories into a single volume with new cover art. Forgetting Happens when Old Happens. haha

Because falling in love is the main theme of the stories, in addition to taking chances, I picked that title to keep for the collection. Here’s the mini blurb for Let’s Fall in Love

Let’s fall in love…

Do you need a little romance in your life? Browse eight romantic short stories featuring such classic romance themes as the billionaire who gets schooled by a short order cook. Does the sheik deserve a second chance at love? Or the one with the secretary who dances her way into her boss’s heart. A Hatfield and McCoy retelling or the husband who learns, almost too late, what real love means. And what would a romance collection be with an arranged marriage…in space.

Love, laughter and happy endings guaranteed in a collection that is “…unusual but delightful to read…”

Have you ever escaped into fiction during challenging times?


Perilously yours,


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