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Retro Reads: Journey Through Time with My New Kickstarter!

Just in Time and Telling Time are Headed to Kickstarter!

Pauline Baird Jones, Kickstarter, Time Travel

Greetings, time travelers! Or should I say… bookworms with a penchant for the past? If you’ve ever daydreamed about the ’50s while sipping on a milkshake (or, let’s be real, your modern almond milk latte), I have a treat that’s hotter than Elvis in his prime!

Remember when television was in black and white, and Marty McFly was just trying to ensure his parents met at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance? Ah, the simpler times. Now, imagine if there was a Kickstarter project that wrapped up all that nostalgic goodness with the excitement of a time-twisting romance. Wait for it… there is! 🚀

Introducing my Kickstarter-exclusive hardcover editions of Just in Time and Telling Time from the Out of Time series. Think Back to the Future but with more longing glances and heart-pounding moments. And, of course, my signature dash of humor, thrilling adventure, and heart-melting romance. 

Just in Time is not just a dive into the romantic saga of Ty and Alice, but also a roller-coaster through time, challenging fate and rewriting history. Similarly, with Telling Time, you’re in for a treat as rogue time travelers, suspense, and a dash of romance collide in an exhilarating dance against the clock.

And let’s talk perks! From authentic retro swag packs to exclusive edition reads, the rewards will make you feel like you’ve hit the jackpot on a ’50s game show.

Speaking of the past, do you recall that mind-blowing Kickstarter campaign by Brandon Sanderson that reeled in a whopping $52 Million? It got me thinking, “Why not bring my own readers a slice of the Kickstarter pie?” And here I am. 😂

Festive Fates, anthology, Pauline Baird JonesFor those who fancy a little extra, I’ve also got a sprinkle of collaborative magic. My participation in the Festive Fates—releasing Nov 30—anthology has been a testament to the beauty of joining creative minds. Just as time threads its way through different eras, so too do authors thread their unique voices into a harmonious tale.

Intrigued? Hitch a ride on my retro Kickstarter rocket and let’s journey through the epochs together! And remember, always keep your books close—you never know when you’ll need to swing back to the present. 📚🚀 #Kickstarterreads

Just click here to follow my campaign, launching August 24th! 

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