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Read an Ebook week!

I am an ebook reader from way back.

March 7 Ereading Pauline Baird Jones

Read an Ebook Week started yesterday, so I hope you got started as well.

I am an ebook reader from way back. And I do mean WAY back. 

I actually owned a Rocket eBook (if you know what that is skip ahead). It was the first dedicated eReader. I also read on a Palm Pilot.

It wasn’t easy to be an early eReading adopter. 

It was even harder to be an eBook author. 🙄

I spent most of my early days as an author explaining how to read my books instead of telling ABOUT my books. 

It was kind of depressing, but also kind of wonderful. 

I was a pioneer, forging new reading ground. 

And I was able to bypass Big Publishing who didn’t appreciate how amazing my books were. (Jk not jk). 

You see, I did believe in the words I wrote, the stories I told. 

Those of you who know me in my real life, would be surprised to find out I was a rebel as an author. 😂

I actually got driven out of a major writer’s organization because I said ebooks were the future of reading. 😇

I know, but it turned out I was mostly right. 

Print books are still a thing and I own print books. But the bulk of my to-be-read pile is on my tablet, not my bookshelf. 

The books on my bookshelf are already-read-books, comfort reads that I keep because I like to revisit them.

And—funny aside here—I keep trying to find them in ebook so I can read them anywhere.

Plus, it is SO exhausting to have to hold a book AND turn the pages. 

So, if you haven’t tried an ebook, this is a great week to give it a go. 

All you need is a smartphone, a tablet, or a dedicated e-reading device, like a Kindle (okay, if you have a kindle or other dedicated device, you already know all about ebooks.). 

Most of the major vendors have an app you can download and you can start reading as soon as you download your first book!

No trips to the bookstore or waiting overnight for a book to be delivered to your doorstep. This is INSTANT gratification!

You can read in bright sunlight or in the dark, or with green eggs and ham…

Sorry. But Dr. Suess’s books are also available in ebook form. 

Just saying…

And if you are a tub reader, just pop your reader into a zip lock bag. (You can’t do that with a paper book!)

Anyway, however you read, READ!

Books take us on strange, marvelous and amazing adventures—and you don’t have to leave home! Or have your life in danger. 

Books are the first choice of hermits everywhere! (Probably, I know they are for me!)

And, to wrap up my publishing adventures, I now control the publication of all my books, which allows me to wander among the genres, wreaking havoc like Godzilla (perhaps because we were born the same year?). 

Love traveling to outer space? Check out my Project Enterprise series.

Pine for a good mystery? My Big Uneasy series is set in New Orleans.

Or how about some romantic time travel into the past? My Out of Time series has been called “romantic, magical and funny.”

I even have some thrillers (Lonesome Lawmen)!

And yes, they are ebooks, but most of my books are also available in print and I have a growing audiobook catalog, if you like to listen to your reading.

Here’s wishing you a great, Read an Ebook Week and many hours of great reading!

Perilously yours,


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