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Perilous Pauline Refuses To Do The Math

What's the Story?

what's your story Pauline Baird Jones

With the publication of COSMIC BOOM, the ninth book in my Project Enterprise series, I find myself looking back with some amazement about how I got here. As you probably know from hanging out here, my first finished book—and first published novel—was THE SPY WHO KISSED ME (also known as the pig in a poke book — because its original title was Pig in a Park haha). 

I’ve been thinking I need to revisit those characters, but the right idea hasn’t drifted past yet. I do have a tentative title for a story or novel. It’s sitting there on my production schedule saying, “write me.” 

But I have a few projects I have to get done first. I’m currently working on BEAUCOUP FRACAS, the sixth book in my Big Uneasy series. 

And—taking a deep breath—I’m also working CabeX and Savlif’s story. I know some of you have been asking when their story will release. Well, I don’t know exactly when that date will be, but I am writing it. 

Yes, I am writing two projects at the same time. What?

I have a set word count I have to finish before I can change projects. So far, the switch isn’t bothering me. No aliens have shown up in my Big Uneasy story and no beignets have wandered into my Project Enterprise story (much to my characters’ regret. They are all pretty sure they’d like beignets and they aren’t wrong about that). 

And then there is another OUT OF TIME story I want to write and I have this lone, sad gothic that wants a book friend. I even have a cover for that book. 

And there is a cacaphony from the Baker siblings who don’t have a book or a love of their life. There are thirteen of them, but only five had gotten their stories, because I paused to write their dad, Zach’s story (LOUISIANA LANGIAPPE). So, if I live long enough, or my brain doesn’t freak out on me, that is fourteen books for that series. I’m not even halfway through it! Oh my! 

I have thought about doing two siblings a book, with one a subplot, but they weren’t too happy with that idea. They all basically want their own story. 

I’d add these all up, but you know I hate math. So let’s just go with there are a lot of books in my future (and hopefully yours!). 

And there are all these books I want to read, too! I really shouldn’t waste time sleeping or eating! But that might take out my brain early. 

And of course, there is my #GrandmaProject. Sorry, I’m not giving that up. Those hugs and kisses and all the cuteness are better than chocolate. 

Do you have anything you refuse to give up?

Perilously yours,


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