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One of Those Days

The clouds have left, leaving the sun ruling the sky again–though its not that warm yet. I’m sitting here in my pajamas trying to get my brain engaged, but the truth is, I don’t want to work. I want to play loud music and read a book.

In the distance, the laundry is whining that its only half done, but if I turn the music up really loud, I can’t hear it. Of course, the problem with picking a book to read is that the one I really, really want to read is my own: the one I haven’t written yet. I wish I could just think it onto the page. That pressing of the keys thing is so exhausting. And inaccurate. Those keys are lame. They make all kinds of mistakes. You’d think they’d be better at grammar after all the work we’ve done together, but no, they still makes mistakes and I have to find them. If I could avoid the keys, I think the writing would go faster. But don’t suggest I dictate my book. I don’t like hearing myself talk. Neither does my Muse.

So I should probably mention the Olympics, but if you read my blog, you know I’m a jinx. Started to watch some skating but after three of them fell down, I felt like I should move on. If you don’t watch the Olympics then you’ll know that there wasn’t a lot of anything else to watch. It was as if no one wanted to waste even a decent show on non-Olympic viewers. As far as I could tell, not even Tremors has been on. I could put in a DVD, but that would require me to get up from my chair. Part of my writing process is keeping tush in the chair, so that was out. I did have a couple of episodes of Human Target on the DVR. Really good, but two episodes don’t get you that far when its TEN days of Olympics. It is ten days, right?

Which brings me back to my book problem. All roads seem to lead to reading and the book I haven’t written yet. So I should probably go write it.

Here’s hoping the books you want to read are already written, that the sun is shining, and there’s a donut close by.
Perilously yours,

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