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On Communication and Not Freaking Out

I try not to be distracted by fear and hope...

cell tower at sunset

Communication On The Move
A cell tower rises above the busy US 290 highway at Chappell Hill Texas. Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

So, yesterday, Lost Valyr released and today, I am chilling and possibly hiding out so that I won’t keep checking to see how well the book is doing. So here’s a pretty picture the hubs called “Communication on the Move.” 

While I try not to be distracted by fear and hope (that readers will love my new book), let’s talk about communicating (and help me stay distracted):

Are you old enough to remember the world before cell phones?

Does it sometimes freak you out when you think about how much the world has changed? 

Do you ever get communication overload and have to hide from your cell phone (at least while you go to the bathroom)?

Do you remember when it was sort of weird that your hotel room had a phone in the bathroom and now you hear people talking in the stall next to yours at the airport (added this to my list of why I plan to never get on a plane again if I can help it)?

Do you get withdrawal if you don’t get a text for an hour or don’t get social media?

Would you recognize a phone booth if you saw one? 

Would you recognize a telephone when you see it? 

Do you even have a land line in your house anymore?

I can remember when we would drive all day and we checked in the with the folks using phone booths, so they wouldn’t worry. I can remember when you had to stand or sit by your phone to talk, because the cords wouldn’t reach that far. I remember when the cords got longer and they’d get twisted and weird from being stretched to the utter limit. I remember my first wireless house phone. And my first cell phone. 

I feel really old. LOL How about you?

Perilously yours,



  1. Cara Bristol says:

    I only got a smart phone a few years ago. I resisted at first, then I realized I was in danger of become Amish. The world was going to get so far ahead of me that I wouldn’t be able to catch up even if I wanted to. So reluctantly, I caught up. I will never be on the cutting edge of technology, but at least I’m in the pack (dragging toward the back, but still in the back)!

    I still do have a land-line phone. I could do without it, but my husband wants to keep it.

    Technology has changed everything, not the least of which is publishing.

    The thing that strikes me is the speed of change. That black rotary dial telephone and the TV picture tube were around for decades! How often does Apple come out with a new iPhone? We call them phones, but they’re not really phones, they’re computers with a phone app.

    1. I think you managed social media very well and yes, tech has changed everything on every level. I suspect I will reach a point where I won’t be able to keep up and will have to retire. I do love my little computer with a phone app, however.

  2. leekoven says:

    I’m thirty-five. Cell phones started to become A Thing when I was in college. I got one in grad school.
    The world’s been changing at a breakneck pace ever since I’ve been born, and thanks to the news cycle I’m always aware of it.
    I hate texting. I go days without getting texts and am a happy human. I usually forget where my phone is. Yes, my job involves programming things to show up on phones. This is all fine.
    Even this year, hotels have phones in bathrooms. I always assumed it was in case you had fallen and couldn’t get up.
    I recognize phone booths, though I’ve never used one. I have used plenty of pay phones, though not since college.

    1. I am also amazed at how fast things are changing! When I was first married, I worked in an office where the computer took up a huge room and I punched cards to run through it. Now I have more power than that computer in my cell phone. When I stop to think about it, my mind just boggles. lol I don’t mind texting but sometimes I don’t know how to politely stop it. lol

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