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Nebula Nine Excerpt

He took a deep breath and headed into the heart of the fire.

cover art

It’s Monday, so it must be excerpt day! I hope you are enjoying the various peeks inside my books. It’s been fun for me to revisit them and I look forward to sharing some insights behind the book on Friday. 

Today we’re taking a look at Nebula Nine. First up is the blurb:

Lives at risk. Time out of whack. Is it a test? Or a trap?

Special Forces Temporal Agent, Jane Jones finds the thrill of going where she’d never gone before giving way to wondering what is wrong on Nebula Nine Space station. Is the Agency testing her loyalty? Or has she jumped into a trap? As her doubts grow, so do her fears of destabilizing her own timeline and disappearing from existence. And who is Ryder Jaxon?  

Ryder Jaxon doesn’t trust anyone. And he sure doesn’t trust things that only he can see. So when he starts seeing visions of the station blowing up, and he has to work with a woman he wants to trust, he wonders if he should take a long vacation. 

It’s a trip into crazy for both of them and as they race to stop a madman intent on destroying the station. But when they realize how completely they have both been betrayed, they must make a choice that will change more than their past history.

And now for the excerpt:

Ryder Jaxon was a practical man, as grounded as one could be living in a great big spinning top in space. He didn’t believe in anything he couldn’t see with his eyes, couldn’t shoot with currently available weapons. Granted, he couldn’t see his instincts, but they were as real as his sight and sound and smell. His gut, his instincts, had been honed in the field against the enemy. He could smell trouble coming. 

What he didn’t do, what he never did, was see things that weren’t there. Didn’t see dead people. Didn’t see explosions that hadn’t happened. Didn’t have premonitions or déjà vu or any of that other shit. 

Until today. 

He’d opened his eyes this morning and the station exploded into flames around him. It had been so real, he’d thought, “I’m dead.” Only he wasn’t. The vision faded leaving him sitting up in his berth with his heart hammering in his chest. He’d shaken it off. But it kept happening. In the shower. In the lift. Inside the security center, the flames had surged up through the floor, stopping him in his tracks for several seconds. Luckily no one had noticed. He mostly trusted his team, but this was, well, he didn’t want to get hauled off for a visit to the head ripper.  

When he couldn’t take sitting down any longer, he left his office. That wasn’t unusual. Sometimes he needed to walk, to think, to remind himself why he’d come here, and remember that being bored was a relief after too many years of not being bored. His team knew he liked to prowl the station. That he liked to get his real eyes on what was happening. So no warning flags would go up.  

But this was the first time he’d walked with images—visions or hallucinations, he wasn’t sure which—of the station blowing up. Again and again. He tried to ignore it, but this wasn’t something he could ignore or will away. Maybe he’d spent too much time out here. Needed to get dirt side for a while.

He’d almost decided to put in for leave, to book the first transport out—but what if it was a premonition or something? Keeping this station safe was his job. He took a deep breath and headed into the heart of the fire.

I hope you enjoyed the excerpt into Nebula Nine. To find out how it is connected to my Project Enterprise series, stop back on Friday when I interview myself about it. 

Perilously yours,


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