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My Fen needed some Shui

 When the heat drove me to move my office down into our guest room, let’s just say the fen shui suffered on the office and the guest room levels. A good friend offered to help me fen my shui and I gratefully accepted. I can plot a book, but not a room! So she moved in, we tore down the mess and put it back together again. It’s not completely done, but one thing I really love is my bookshelves. 

One of the many cool things my publisher does is make a framed, release poster for each new book. I thought it was a cool thing, but had just kind of thrown up in the bare spots in various rooms. My friend suggested this arrangement and I love it (note there are two spaces left for two of my upcoming releases and I can build out as I, hopefully, publish  more books). 

When we lived in Houston, I had my own office, with shelves I’d built, my books all around me, but our house in Houston is oddly short of wall space to place book shelves, so a lot of my books have been in boxes for far too long. I’m so glad to have them back where I can look at them and browse through them.

The kind of dark mass behind my chair is my, I guess you’d call it an antique encyclopedia set. It is from 1911. Obviously it is out of date in some ways, but its way cool to browse through. It has another interesting feature. The entries were written by professional writers, one of the last editions to have this higher level of writing expertise applied to the entries. 

When the fenning and the shui-ing is finished, I might post pictures of the rest of the room, but for now, I’m just loving the bookshelves. And fighting back the longing to grab one, and curl up and read. 

Life is perilously good,

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