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Moving the “Band”

What's The Alphabet Song without all the letters?!?

busted up boxes

One of the things I should have expected (yet somehow didn’t) was that August would delay our June move so that the arrival of our 700 cubic feet of, um, stuff could be strategically used to start August off “right.” 

The hubs and I spent July mulling what was on the truck that we would miss and trying to “Let it Go” in case it never arrived—which began to look more and more like it never would. We received some truly imaginative excuses each time we would call to inquire about the status of our stuff. 

July passed with no sign of our stuff even in motion. 

Then there was a slight stir as the calendar turned over to August. 

It went from Texas to…Las Vegas. 

We don’t know what it did in Las Vegas because we all know what happens there stays there, but it must have been epic because our boxes look like they went through a war zone. 

And our “inventory” was as fictional as my books. Every now and again we’d find something we could check off, but mostly it was “what” and “that box doesn’t have a sticker…” 

So we went through another period of “letting go,” (and honestly, we will never know if we got all our boxes. Lol). But I think my biggest trauma moment (to the bafflement of the hubs) was when we opened a box and found only six of my encyclopedia. 


This kicked off what might be OCD. I’m not sure. I just know I felt bereft for my encyclopedia. 

“Why?” the hubs asked.

I told him, “It’s like when a favorite band breaks up. We can’t even get to J without A, B, C and so on.” 

He sort of blinked, so I did a Google search on my phone for what is actually a very special encyclopedia. 

The 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica is a very special edition. You can read more about it here, but it is exceptionally well-written because readability was prized over scholarship. It is also a snapshot of a time that will never be again, its worldview lost in the slaughter of WWI. encyclopedia page

Fifteen hundred men and 200 women (in 1911!) contributed articles to this edition. 

As noted in the article linked above, “Its pages contain all the knowledge of a world on the brink of deep and everlasting change.” 

For me, it wasn’t just breaking up the “band,” but losing a chunk of history!

encyclopedia pageThe hubs heard me out and then went out to the garage and started digging through the battered boxes and the wonderful man, this heroic love of my life, got the band back together. 

Visitors to my house will, if they so desire, be able to pick a volume of this 107-year-old encyclopedia and dip into the whole past. While singing the whole Alphabet Song. 

Yup, the band is back together!

Perilously yours,


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