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Meet My Caticorn

Yes, you read that right. :-)

meet my pet graphic

July is over, or almost over, and I’m a bit conflicted about that. I hoped to get a lot more done, but I am pleased that my story for Embrace the Passion: Pets in Space 3 has been turned into…me. Myself? I? 

Whatever is correct, I am the receiver of all the Pets in Space stories, which is super fun because I get to read them early. Of course, then I have the problem of not being able to talk about them with anyone until the anthology releases Oct 9, 2018. 

This will be our third year and each year it is more fun (and harder to wait)!

Some things you need to know about our Pets in Space anthologies:

1. The anthologies are only available for a LIMITED time, so you have to grab it while it’s available. (This is because we only hold the rights to the authors’ stories for a limited time.)

2. Each year you get to read stories by returning and new authors! 

3. Every year we donate 10% of our first month’s sales to In the first two years, we’ve donated almost $5,000 to this worthy cause. We’re pretty excited about that. 

4. Each year the authors write about new and sometimes exotic pets who help the hero and heroine navigate their adventure and find their happy ending. 

This brings me to my pet this year. In the past, I’ve had pets that were alien but didn’t look alien. This year my pet is decidedly alien. My heroine calls him Tiger because he has a cat head (mostly), but the body of a miniature horse and, um, a horn. Today I’m sharing the first excerpt from my story “Operation Ark.”  

But first, a little about my story:


Series: Project Enterprise (Occurs after Lost Valyr)

She’s a USMC Sergeant deployed to the Garradian Galaxy.

He was raised by the robots who freed him from slavery.

It’s a match made nowhere anyone can figure out.

They clashed as enemies but joined forces to defeat a common foe. Now they’re tasked with returning some freed prisoners to their home worlds. In the next galaxy. With an alien, a robot, and a caticorn. It was a bar joke without a punch line, though Carolina City has a feeling it is out there—like the truth.

Kraye isn’t eager to return to his galaxy where the dark secret of his past lays in wait, but he’s willing to risk it in hopes that Caro can teach him what the robots couldn’t: how to be human.

Together they must face a dangerous journey, a lethal enemy with a score to settle, their unexpected desire, and an uncertain future if they make it out alive.

Can Caro and Kraye navigate the minefields—both emotional and space based—to land a happy homecoming for the sentient animals in their care? Can the man raised by robots learn how to kiss the girl while the starchy Marine decides if she is willing to bend the rules for a happy ever after? Don’t miss Pauline Baird Jones’ newest Project Enterprise story!

And here’s your excerpt!

City heard a plaintive half whinny, half meow.

“There you are.” She made the mistake of meeting his big, ‘I feel so neglected’ gaze. With a resigned sigh, she knelt down and ran a hand down his back. It arched like a cat and he purred when she scratched around his ears and horn. “You know you’re not supposed to be here.”

The purring increased, and she sighed again. A Marine was not supposed to be owned by a cat, even if it was a caticorn. 

“Good thing I got your dietary needs programmed into the system.” 

Tiger angled his head, his gaze meeting hers. The look was odd enough to make her wonder—but the Puss’n’Boots look came back. She felt its power, but let Tiger see her skepticism. At least she didn’t have to worry about his claws in her back. It didn’t seem like it should be possible for Tiger to increase the soulful, but he managed it. She chuckled, moving her fingers around so she could scratch his chin. “You win.” She said the words, not sure what he’d won, and she’d lost. It all felt a bit paranoid. Though a little paranoia never hurt anyone in a galaxy far, far away.

I’m so excited to share this story with the world. If you haven’t read Lost Valyr: Project Enterprise 7 yet, now would be a great time, because “Operation Ark” follows Lost Valyr. 

I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek at City and her caticorn. You can preorder Embrace the Passion: Pets in Space 3 right now. Remember, you not only get eleven fun and original stories, but you are helping a great cause, too. #Score

Perilously yours,


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