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Kickstart Your Reading in a New Direction

Let's stir up your reading!

Kickstart your reading Pauline Baird Jones

Spring means different things to different people (and happens at different times depending on your part of the world). Around here, spring gets everyone stirring, even going outside. 

All kinds of energetic activities can ensue. Not for me. I prefer a refresh of my reading, giving my imagination a good kick to freshen things up inside my head. 

Here are my suggestions for a reading refresh. 

Choose a genre you’ve never read before. I’ve been trying to push myself to do this in the last year or so. I used to read a lot more broadly last century (not a joke). 

Or…choose a new-to-you author. I’ve also been doing this recently and it’s been nice. Like spring gets me to think differently, reading a new author gets me to see the world differently. I’ve found some really fun reads stepping outside my comfort zone.

If you’re having trouble finding books, you can ask around. Reading friends are always a good source of book recommendations. Or join a bookclub. As a confirmed hermit, that’s not my first recommendation. Haha But I know there are readers who like to socialze. It’s like a stretching exercise, but without the stretching or the exercise. 

But most of all, have fun! Reading should be fun. Books are meant to delight us, or take us somewhere we’ve not been before. They can stretch our imagination and enhance our compassion. They teach us about enduring hard things without us having to do those things. 

So, grab your favorite brew, settle into your favorite reading spot, pull out the book (print or virtual), and enjoy the ride!

And then I hope you’ll come back and share how it went!

Perilously yours,


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