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It’s Monday! #Excerpt

Lost Valyr is the seventh standalone book in the explosive Project Enterprise sci-fi romance series.

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Tomorrow is the big day! Here’s a last excerpt to (hopefully) get you excited for the release!

She’s a scientist out of her element. He’s an alien fresh out of the cryotube. Can their lives withstand a robot invasion? 


Here’s your excerpt!

She met his gaze and realized the two of them had a few things in common. They were both worried and feeling their way through the unknown. It was a place to start. She opened her mouth but didn’t get the chance to speak as a whirring sound cut her off. There was movement behind his legs, and then a small robot looking thing rolled into view.

It was getting hard to figure out which movie it felt like this was.

Rachel glanced at Sir Rupert, who flew off her shoulder and landed in front of it, apparently unworried by the admittedly cute little thing. But cute could be deceptive. Cute was also taller than the parrot, which wasn’t that hard. The top of its head was about the guy’s knee height, and it looked like a cross between a pet and a small child. It moved, shifting back and forth, then side to side as its—eyes—studied the parrot. It was highly flexible, based on the small movements, but its eyes were, well, bright and enquiring.

“I am Siru,” it said. “We are unfamiliar with your personal designations.” Its voice had a robotic edge, but there was personality in there.

“I am Sir Rupert,” the bird said, “and this is Dr. Frank.”

Rachel lifted her free hand in a half wave. “Hi.”

Siru twisted around so it could look up at the guy. “This is Sir Rupert and Dr. Frank, Valyr.”

So his name was Valyr.

“I heard, thank you,” he said.

“You can call me Rachel. If you want.” Well, she’d never pretended her people skills were great.


The way he said it was kind of…sexy. He had an accent that was—huge surprise—not familiar, but also not a Khan accent. She even knew that thought was ridiculous. Of course he didn’t have a fictional accent from a movie. That little blurring of his r’s sent a few shivers skittering down her spine. Which also happened to her in the reboot Khan.

A silence formed. A painfully uncomfortable silence, one teeming with the questions that neither of them knew how to ask. In desperation, Rachel looked at Siru.

“Are you Garradian? I mean, a Garradian AI?”

“I do not know a i,” Siru said.

“Artificial intelligence,” Rachel explained, her gaze flicking up to Valyr and then back to Siru. Could his name be any more heroic? It was like being in a Hallmark movie that had collided with a comic book.

* * *

You can preorder Lost Valyr right now or stop by tomorrow! I’m a little excited the big day is almost here. lol

Perilously yours,



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