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Is She My Most Mysterious Character?

There's a snippet, too!

Savlf graphic

When I was writing Lost Valyr, I stumbled across a very mysterious character. At first, she was just there, making some scenes more interesting and intriguing. And I wasn’t sure where she’d come from or if she’d even stay in the story, but she kept popping up. But then I started to wonder — like the characters in my book — who is she? Is she a good or bad character? What does she want? 

As the pages piled up, she’d peek in here and there, but always shrouded in mystery. Finally, I had her name. Savlf. Yeah, it doesn’t tell you a lot about her and it’s hard to pronounce. Lol 

But I’d learned more. She was a super hacker. She was the hacker that hackers dream of becoming. She was seeking something—oh, wait! She’s working with the bad guy (in this case, the super nasty bad spider). He was holding her captive in a particularly nasty way! But that didn’t make her…good. 

I won’t tell you what I found out because that would be a spoiler! But she’s popped up in Maestra Rising: Project Enterprise 8, so I thought my blog visitors might enjoy a little peek into how she came to be. 

I’m still trying to decide if she is my MOST mysterious character. If you’ve read the series, what do you think? Who would you vote most mysterious? If you haven’t read my Project Enterprise series, you can meet Savlf in Lost Valyr: Project Enterprise 7 and decide for yourself. 

Perilously yours,


Read on for a snippet from Lost Valyr: Project Enterprise 7:

Xaddek didn’t often go to his people. They came to him, usually with their knees knocking together from fear. Oh, the leg meat. It was different from other parts. There was something about stripping meat off the bone, even better if his meal was still alive. Paralyzed by his venom, he could taste the terror visible only in their eyes. 

The crew faded away at his approach because he’d been known—in the past—to cruise for a meal. His captain had pointed out the problem with this, and he’d stopped, but he did like seeing and smelling their fear. 

He reached the door only he could access. Even Savlf could not open this door, despite her impressive system manipulation skills. She was completely isolated from the crew. It was her fault. She’d tried to suborn different crew members to help her escape. She had not tried anything for some time, but he had found he slept better when she was locked away.

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