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“I’m a Russian Bride” spam and other Trivia

I thought that was an interesting subject line–though inaccurate. She could be Russian, but not a bride yet. More a hoping-to-be-a-bride, I’d think. Because if she’s already a bride, then why write?

Okay, I know that was pretty random, but it’s been that kind of Wednesday: very random and disjointed. I got the first season of Leverage and I want to watch that, not write a blog. The episodes I’ve seen so far have been so fun! Good writing! Great acting. Great story telling. And if that weren’t distraction enough, my Scarecrow and Mrs. King Season 1 is incoming! My kindle is whispering (more like gasping), “I’ve got too many unread stories! Read me now!” Actually, now that I think about it, last time I tried to use it to read the sample Pride & Prejudice and Zombies, it was hung up. I probably need tech support. Either its too full or the zombies are rampaging in there. First problem I’ve had with it since I got it a year ago though. Dang those zombies.

We took the new Ford Escape out on the road for the first time last weekend. Wow, not only was it great to deal with a company that did NOT take a bailout, the Escape is sweet out on the highway (and in town). Hubby has really been enjoying driving it. So here’s a shout out for Ford! Congrats on kicking butt in sales for yet another quarter!

I used the word trivia in the subject, but this is not trivia. It’s tax time. I hate tax time. I particularly hate tax time when tons of stories are coming out about more misuse of public funds by stupid and incompetent Congress. It may be peanuts compared to massive in-the-hole budget, but when they are wasting MY peanuts, I get ticked off. Because its NOT peanuts to us. Our budget isn’t in the trillions. If we owe this year, its going to stick in my craw to send it to those bozos rampaging through the money like pirates who just found a treasure chest. Do I sound bitter? Because I am bitter. It’s a good thing that April’s suck factor will be tempered by the release of Girl Gone Nova. Because I get bitter when I start doing taxes. I get bitter BEFORE I start doing taxes.

And then throw in STUPID DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME and you have an unhappy camper. You do not want to be around me on Sunday. I remember a cartoon back in the 70’s when they launched DST in the winter because of the energy crisis. Showed Nixon cutting a foot off one end of a blanket and sewing it on the other. It’s about that useful. And it messed with my head and my cat’s timing. Which  means it messes with my life.

Okay, this blog is a bit whine-one-one. I admit it. Coming off a computer repair day, so there’s been some whine-leakage over into today. But life is still good. I’ve got books. I’ve got chocolate. I’ve got Diet Dr. Pepper. And even better than that, I’ve got family and friends. 🙂

Hoping you do, too!
Perilously yours,

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