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Huntress of the Star Empire.” If that isn’t a pulpy-sounding title, I don’t know what is. The story of why I wrote “Huntress” is a fun one, just like a pulpy sci-fi show should be.

It was a time when the e-book market was just beginning to take off in erotic romance. I’d penned a story about a naughty alien abductee, submitted it, and published it to a pretty decent reception. Shortly thereafter, I found out that in erotica, Fortune favored the fast. I was not one of the fast. I was, in fact, pregnant with my second, and sex was the furthest thing from my mind (morning sickness? Try all-day sickness).

I spent a lot of late nights watching syndicated sci-fi and fantasy TV shows and re-runs. I also started wondering if I was growing an active volcano instead of a baby (the reason for the late nights).

And after some weeks of letting these shows take my mind off the nuclear fission going on in my midsection (that’s no moon…), I decided to scrap the space-erotica I was attempting, and just have fun with the characters I’d created thus far.

And the words I wrote were FUN. There was action, there was adventure, there was witty banter and sexual tension…but there was absolutely ZERO market.

None of the traditional publishers were even remotely interested in science fiction romance without an erotica component to it. My erotic romance publisher would have taken a chance on it, but I knew and they knew that it would not be one of their big hits. Sci-Fi and Fantasy publishers were still positive that girls had cooties, save for a few notable exceptions (and I salute those pioneers who would not take “no” for an answer–ladies, you charted the stars for the rest of us, and you deserve honors for it).

So I put it under the bed and all but forgot about the draft and the notes and the world-building. But the advent of the “Kindle Revolution” got me thinking (along with a newly-formed habit of binge-watching via Netflix, and cable TV’s embrace of the format).

The creators of those syndicated TV shows seemed to understand that their chances of making prime-time network TV were between slim and none, and that realization seemed liberating, rather than depressing. Their budgets were modest. Their casts were relative nobodies. Their sets were easy to see through to the cardboard and Christmas lights. But their storytelling was exuberant. Their characters were quirky, sometimes overacted, and entirely unapologetic when the storylines went over the top. They were FUN. Would any of these shows stand up to serious scientific scrutiny? Not so much. Would they stand up to Srs Bzns acting or interpersonal drama?

Surprisingly yes, they coulda been contenders, because they did a lot with a little. But did they care? I doubt it. These shows–their casts, their writers–they were in it because it was quirky and fun, not for critical acclaim or accolades (and probably not for the money, either).

So I looked back over my manuscript of “Huntress” and discovered that it hadn’t lost any of that “fun” feel. I knew then, that I had to publish it, and indie publishing gave me the means to do so.

Athena Grayson is fond of beta heroes and self-rescuing warrior-princesses, and isn’t afraid to dream of strange and wonderful worlds, and tell the stories of the strange and wonderful people who inhabit them. Her latest release is one of the Eight Haunting Holiday Romances in the box set “Spirits of the Season.” Kaidan: Snow Bride is a romantic twist on a traditional Japanese ghost story, set in Japan in 1969-70. Find out more at”
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