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Closing Our Great Divide

My hermit house on wheels!

Me with the moveable Hermit House for the first time!

One of the biggest problems the hubs and I have had as a couple is that he is Mr. Road Trip and I’m Mrs. Hermit. For most of our marriage, we have tried to balance our opposites. I will not lie. It has been a challenge for both of us. Lol

When the hubs decided to really retire (as opposed to the failed semi-retirement of five years ago), we decided it was time to tackle the Great Divide. 

After some intensive research and lots and lots of discussion, we cautiously approached the idea of some type of RV. I’ll admit I was hopeful but skeptical. One of the reasons I have so much trouble with say, flying is mild claustrophobia (which I think is more “I’m cut off from the bathroom” phobia — is there such a thing?) and the whole hermit thing. Don’t get me wrong. I love people. I just don’t like being trapped in small spaces with them. Lol (Ask Google about introverts.)

I pulled up floor plans for RVs and read reviews and watched YouTube reviews until my eyes hurt and we finally narrowed our search to, well, one. Lol 

RV floor plan

Note how “old lady” friendly the layout is. lol

But…when I flew down to begin the misery that was closing our Houston house, we toured a bunch of RVs. (Note: It was hot, but I sucked it up and did my part.) And we ended up…

…with the one I identified as having the elements I need to take my act on the road:

1. Access to the bathroom at night (i.e. The bed isn’t the way of one of us.)

2. I can roll out of bed without hitting something (unless the hubs is rolling out at the same time). 

3. Workspace for Author Me. 

4. It is light and bright for Author Me. 

5. It is cute as can be. 

6. I can drive it and park it. 

hubs in RV

“Did you just call my rolling man cave cute?”

Benefits for the hubs:

1. It is a hermit house with wheels, which puts us both in motion (lol).

That’s almost it. Lol Actually he likes it, too. He still has some fear that I won’t actually go when the time comes, but he forgets we have the biggest road trip hook of all: Grandkids. 

We are both worried about space issues. For me, that would be clothes and my work materials. For the hubs, it is all his camera equipment. That is honestly the only reason we looked at other RVs. He has a lot of equipment. 

But he is coming around to thinking smaller because of the carry factor. He can’t actually drape himself in cameras and lenses and then move. 

And moving is the reason for the RV. 

If the benefits seem slight for the hubs, keep in mind that I will finally be in motion in the RV aka portable hermit house. lol

Wish us luck as we cross the divide!

Perilously yours,


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