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Hello March.

I hope you're in a good mood this year.

March 6 Hello March Pauline Baird Jones

So March is a bit of a puzzle, puzzle complicated by where you live on the planet. Since I’m most familiar with March in Wyoming, there will probably be more focus on that type of March.

Let me pause to say, curse that little groundhog for being right. So around here, March usually starts with a roar of lion-like winds, but by the end of the month, well, it might still be roaring. It has been known to “roar” well into April or May around these parts.

Inour part of the world, March is the first month of spring, and in others, it signals the beginning of autumn. March can be a time of transition, as winter takes it leave. I know one of the things I love about moving back here is the change of seasons.

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, March brings longer days and the hope of warmer temperatures. It’s a time to shake off the winter blues, throw open the windows, and take a deep breath of crisp, fresh air. I LOVE doing that! 

My mom was all about the spring cleaning. She’d shake up everything. I mostly clean out my head. Lol 

But even with the promise of spring, March is also about Daylight Savings Time. If you know me, you know I hate springing forward. Hate. It. I just want them to pick a time and leave it there. And I’m backed up by science. The switch causes all kinds of problems.  

If I ruled the world (which would be a pain otherwise), there would be no DTS.

I still mostly look forward to March because even if it takes its time, it is a harbinger of spring incoming. It’s a shake things up, take stock and check out the possibilities.

What are your possibilities for March? Pop your comment below!

Perilously yours,


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