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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Green is one of my favorite colors, even if I’m not Irish, so hope its a happy day for one and all!

When we lived in New Orleans, St. Patrick’s Day was a big deal. Lots of parades, similar to Mardi Gras, but with fewer floats. And, in addition to the beads and toys, they threw potatoes, cabbages (rare and now they hand them down, rather than throw), and Brussels sprouts. If you caught well, you could go home with almost all the makings for stew.

When i was younger, you got pinched at school if you weren’t wearing green today. I’m not wearing green, because my cat doesn’t know enough to pinch me. I do consider myself in the “safe” zone because my short story released in a “green” book this month. 
I figure that counts, because the cat can’t tell me it doesn’t.

Capri Hinkenlooper thought her name—and Monday mornings—were the worst things in her life, but then her fellow editor and all around slimy guy gets deleted with her letter opener. On the upside, the two homicide detectives investigating the murder are seriously cute…

Because I thought it might be fun (and I got maybe five hours of sleep and am pretty brain dead), I’m going to post an excerpt from “Deleting Dennis,” my short story in the collection:

   Capri sank into her anti-ergonomic desk chair and started up her computer, pulling her morning mail toward her with the other hand. Without looking, she reached for her letter opener, but it wasn’t in its usual spot—or even an unusual one.
   She frowned. The last time she’d seen it…Dennis had been fiddling with it. He’d oozed into her office to rub it in about the League edit. And ask for her help. She hadn’t punched him, but it had been a near thing. She’d also told him she wasn’t helping with the edit. They both knew she’d give in eventually, but that didn’t stop her from telling him to leave or using a word she hadn’t ever used before.
   He’d probably taken the letter opener to make her come see him. She hated going to his office. It was as creepy as he was. She sighed. At least moving would warm her up a bit. She couldn’t feel her toes.
He had the corner office and as she approached, Capri was surprised to see the door ajar.
   When he didn’t respond, she eased the door open.
   The room was dim, kind of like Dennis, and a mess, which was also like him. His chair was turned away from the door, but she could see the back of his head. So he was pouting. Jerk.
   “Dennis? Did you take my letter opener?”
   He still didn’t answer. With an impatient sigh, Capri walked around the desk, but stopped abruptly when she saw him.
   He did have her letter opener.
   It was embedded in his throat. 

One of the great things about being a writer is that you can “kill” people who annoy you without getting arrested, strip-searched, or going to jail. You change the names to protect the guilty and they never know they’ve been offed…but YOU feel better. Fictional murder keeps me mellow, which is a win-win for everyone who has to deal with me. I sometimes take requests, but you don’t have to wait for me to write your fictional murder. Just imagine (insert name here) in the place of my fictional victim, take a deep breath and let your anger go. Hello mellow. 🙂 (Been mentally stabbing whoever came up with daylight savings time. Not working yet, but I’m nothing if not persistent…)

Other great things to happen this month:

Trip to New Orleans, time with family and great food.
Time on the phone with other family. 🙂
Release of first season of Scarecrow and Mrs. King. 
Breakthrough on new SF/steampunk novel (Woot!)
Discovering Arrested Development and Leverage (I know I”m slow to the fan clubs!)

Okay, I know there is way more than this short list, but short sleep is catching up with me. Upcoming book releases (besides my own in April!): Rebels and Lovers by Linnea Sinclair, Changeless by Gail Carriger, andBewitched and Betrayed by Lisa Shearin. Upcoming movie release: New Moon. Will finally see it, though it won’t change my Team Edward status. (Sorry, but what is point voting against Edward when I know the ending because I’ve read the books?)

So now I need to go take a nap, or at least stare at the wall in a dazed fashion.
Perilously (and sleepily) yours,

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