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Daylight Savings Time is OVER. Boom!

photo of Grief by Gaudens

One of the hubs favorite works of sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens is the Adams Memorial. Information from (1) The National Park Brochure for Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site (NPS) and (2) The Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site website: SGaudens CD-HTML/Index/index.htm
Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

This is how I look the first day of Daylight Savings Time. I am not a morning person. The only good part of DST is when it leaves and I get my hour back. And I’d rather not lose it in the first place. So today I’m very thankful that DST is ending. (And if you’re listening, Texas, please opt out with Arizona. I don’t mind being out of step with the rest of the country. I do mind being out of step with myself.)

Even getting the hour back requires my bod to make adjustments. I don’t know if you’re body is bitter like mine. I go along thinking my brain is running the show and then my body let’s me know that the brain is just on board for the ride.

Example: In my brain, I “see” myself leaping to my feet (dropping works even better than it did when I was young). What actually happens during the “leap” is this sort of creaking rise as my knees reluctantly unbend. Gravity hangs on as long as it can, cuz it likes to embarrass me, too.

So when you throw time adjustments into the regular mix of reality vs my imagination…

Yeah, that doesn’t go so well. I’ve be better off time traveling with Dr. Who. Okay, that might be slight exaggeration. But not much.

So once again I raise my plaintive wail to be released from the awful burden that is daylight savings time. If you join me — or even if you disagree — make your voice heard in my comments section. Yes, I might be the only one listening, but at least I am someone. At least last I checked I was someone. But even if I’m anyone, I’m listening. Comments are also entered into my monthly drawing for an awesome cause AnaBanana gift basket. In honor of NaBloPoMo, I’m giving away a basket worth $50 of AnaBanana awesome. Winner will be announced in my first blog post in December. AnaBanana logo

Perilously yours,

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When Pauline isn’t adjusting to changes in time, she writes books of adventure and romance. If you want to learn more about her books, pop over to her website. There is other stuff there, too. Website stuff.

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