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Penning Pulse-Pounders

Unearth the mysteries of suspense writing with Penning the Pulse-Pounders: A Spirited Guide to Writing Your Own Suspense Novel.

Unearth the mysteries of suspense writing with Penning Pulse-Pounders: A Spirited Guide to Writing Your Own Suspense Novel. 

Ever had the urge to spin your own web of intrigue and adventure? Want to venture into the thrilling world of suspense fiction but feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information out there? 

Look no further. This vibrant guide acts as a beacon for both the novice and experienced writer, demystifying the process of crafting a suspenseful narrative. Discover the nuts and bolts of plot, character, theme, and scene-setting, and learn to rev up suspense levels to heart-racing heights.

Bursting with practical tips and lively advice, this guide takes the reader on a journey to the heart of suspense writing. It’s time to stop waiting for your favorite author to deliver the goods. Pick up Penning Pulse-Pounders and write your own suspense-filled adventure today!

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