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Books Incoming Update

Why I love going back to New Orleans in my mind.

Louisiana image

I have a rough draft of Maestra Rising: Project Enterprise! I’m pretty excited to reach this point because it is easier to edit words on a page than add words to a blank page. In fact, it is almost impossible to edit a blank page. Believe me, I have tried. LOL So, no definite publication day yet, but I should have a better idea before long. 

So next week I will probably start work on my short story for Pets in Space® 4. And after that, I start work on the next Big Uneasy story! These are usually easier for me to write because a) they don’t try to turn into BABs (Big A** Books), and I don’t have to make up any science (science teachers everywhere are cheering right now). 

The other reason I like working on a Big Uneasy book is I love going back to New Orleans in my mind. Inside my head, nothing has changed from when we left. My favorite pastry shop is still there and I can walk in and then walk out with the best chocolate cream puff in the world. No, I won’t back down from this and you can’t prove me wrong because they closed it down. So…Best Chocolate Creampuff IN THE WORLD. 

Other things I remember from New Orleans, the smells: spices and the river. When I’d walk off the plane after a trip home, the spices hit—and the humidity. That hits you like a wet towel. Now, when it is cool, the humidity turns the air to silk against your skin. I just have to close my eyes and I can feel it again. 

I miss the particular smells of New Orleans cuisine. We can sort of bring it back by ordering a turducken. And I wish I’d learn the skill of spices during my time there, but I’m not that kind of cook. The hubs does pretty good and our kids, well, they grew up with it. 

I remember years ago, I was visiting in the spring and my mom said, “We’ve had so much rain, look how green it is.”

green hat

This is not the green I meant. This is St. Patrick’s Day. lol

I looked around for that green. I could kind of see it. LOL Now I’m my mom here in Wyoming, finding the hints of green as spring tries to get some headway against winter. But New Orleans, it was always a variation of green. You didn’t have to look hard to see it. You’d think you knew green and then it would EXPLODE in the spring and not just green. The flowers, oh my, the flowers. 

Yeah, it is so nice to visit in my head and maybe I’ll get back there again. It feels so far away, like a vivid dream.

spring view

This is what I meant.

I will freely admit that reading one of my books is not exactly like taking a trip to New Orleans yourself, but reviewers have said it is close. What I also hope readers find in my series is the love I still feel for our other home, our so opposite-of-Wyoming-home that I don’t have words to describe how opposite. LOL 

Anyway, I know you’ve all been wondering when my next book will be out, so I just wanted to keep you posted on how things were going. If you aren’t yet up-to-date on all of my previous work, you should definitely check out the first book in my Big Uneasy series, Relatively Risky: The Big Uneasy 1. (If you sign up for my newsletter, you can get it for free!)

Here’s hoping you have a great week!

Perilously yours,


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