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Back Away From the Legos…

But I only did it this one time...

Lego Harry Potter train

This is my first ever Legos project and I think I might be addicted. 

My grandson and I put this together over the weekend and now I want to do more! Even though my grandson has gone home and I have piles of stuff to do, including starting on my next writing project.

But it was so fun. 

There were some bumps along the way. 

One of the bumps is the bump I always seem to hit.

Following directions. All the while I was working I kept wondering where this “piece” was supposed to go:

Lego tool

I saw this piece and thought “that is odd.” I even looked at the “directions.” Lol


They couldn’t have been more obvious! D’oh!

But I didn’t “see” them that well, because yeah, I could have used that handy tool many times during construction. Like, a lot of times. It is a good thing there isn’t a video of my adventures in Lego land, though I have to say, it was also very fun. And I know more now. I might even know how to use that tool.

Which might be another reason to get another one? *glances around innocently* They say practice makes…better (the perfect ship sailed a long time ago for me).

Though I should probably wait until the grandson returns because he saved me a couple of times (and he’s only six and the kit was for 8 and above!). 

He loved playing with the train as each thing was finished (and the granddaughter liked the little people). He crashed it a couple of times, but hey, we still had the directions. Haha 

So here are some pictures of our joint effort:

The train station


Finished train


close up

Expectum patronus you out of here, dementor!

Did you know there is even one for the whomping willow? And Hogwarts castle?

I should probably step away from Amazon for a while. lol

Have you ever been sucked into a Lego adventure? Because I seriously would have liked to play with this. When I was younger, of course…

Perilously yours,


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