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Answering Questions No One Asked.

A PSQ (Public Service Questions)


Do you read author interviews? I love it when a blog or website offers to interview me, because, well, in my real life, there is no one lining up for that. Lol

I’ve done a lot of interviews and I even interview myself in my Behind the Book interviews, but even I don’t always ask All the Questions.  

So, I thought, today I’d ask myself questions that no one has asked me. We’ll pretend I wasn’t asked these because no one thought to ask them, not because they didn’t care about the answers. 

What did you really think you’d be when you grew up? 

I thought I might be a teacher, a nurse, or a royal princess. I realize Wyoming did not have a royal family, but I was six. I didn’t have to get real until I was eight. 

Where did you think you’d live when you became a world-famous author?

When I was writing in my garret—okay—in the guest room, I dreamed of owning a beach house, a cabin, a castle, and a vintage Victorian home. I had no idea I’d head back home to Wyoming, though I’m not surprised I picked a small town. You’ll notice that all of my dream locations tend to be isolated. Yeah, hermit. Apparently, all my roads led to Wyoming: The Return. And I’m totally happy about it. 

Okay, when did you realize you were a hermit?

It took me a LONG time to realize I was a hermit. I’m not sure when that lightbulb went off. But it started when I found out I was an introvert. I didn’t realize I was an introvert because I thought introverts were anti-people. I love lots of people. There are exceptions, of course. And no, don’t ask me to name names. Not going to happen. 

Some years ago, I took one of those online tests and it said, yes, you are an introvert and no, it doesn’t mean you don’t like people. It’s about energy in, energy out. That sounded very Karate Kid, didn’t it? (If you don’t know the reference, just wait. I understand they are rebooting the movie or making it into a TV show or something.)

How many times did you kill off your husband in a book? (This one is actually one my husband asks me all the time, but I have not—until now—gone public with it.)

I would like to go on record as having never killed my husband in a book. I might have once killed off someone who was a lot like him, but it was NOT my husband. The reason I know this is that the character I killed off got a sort of happy ending with a ghost. A female ghost. I would never have let the hubs find happiness with anyone but me. There might have been times I thought about it, but it takes a long time to write a book. Even if I thought about it, there’s no way I could stay angry that long. 

So on this “high” note, I think I’ll draw a red line under the questions thing. Do you have a favorite author question? Do you get curious about your favorite authors’ lives? 

Perilously yours,


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