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Bringing back my Behind the Book Interviews

What it was like to interview myself. And me. By I. Or something like that.

Pauline in opthamalogist glasses

I don’t look crazy, do I?

Back, okay waaaay back when I published my first book, The Spy Who Kissed Me (the book formerly known as Pig in a Park), I was pretty small beans. Even more small beans than I am right now. No really, it is possible to be smaller beans than I currently am.

So back then I couldn’t get anyone to interview me, so I decided to interview myself.

Hey, I was desperate.

Well, when my website transitioned a couple of times to new servers and configurations, those interviews got left behind.

But NOT lost. Oh dear.

So, I thought it might be entertaining (and probably embarrassing, but still entertaining) to re-release those interviews here on my blog.

I called them “Behind the Book: The Mostly True Story of Writing [I’d fill in the title of the book here].  I have eleven of those interviews (and I might just revive the interviews for the books I’ve published since. We’ll see how embarrassing they actually are. Lol)


Not content with interviewing myself about what went on behind the scenes in writing my books, I also interviewed myself about what it was like to interview myself. I thought that interview would be a good place to start in bringing back my “Behind the Book” Interviews. What cracked me up is how little has changed. Lol

Okay, so without further ado, here is the original transcript of me interviewing myself about what it was like to interview me:

What It Was Like Interviewing Myself and possibly Me by I

I told a friend I was interviewing myself and she said, “How weird is that?” I had to concur, so I decided to ask myself what it was like to interview me. Myself was amenable to talking about the experience as long as there were no doctors in attendance.

We chose a quiet place, away from my office, for the interview. As is typical with me, myself and I, there was Diet Dr. Pepper and Junior Mints close at hand. I jumped right into the questions, figuring it was best not to beat around the bush.

I: So, what was it like to interview me? It’s a pretty weird thing to do, you know.

Me: Oh, I know, but I don’t have to tell you how easy it was. I’m beginning to wonder if I have MPD or something, but then, would I remember it all, if I did?

I: I’m I, you’re Me.

Me: Oh, right. This is getting a bit confusing, isn’t it?

I: I think we passed confusing a long time ago, but as long as we’re all okay…

Me: (looking around) Well, we’re still at home. No padded room or suit that buckles in the back.

I: True. So we’re okay?

Me: I’m okay. Are you okay?

I: I’m okay. So, you think you’ll do this again?

Me: Oh yeah. Just remind me, okay?

I: I’d better write it down. You know how my memory is.

Me: You’re what?

I: I forget…

I know, it’s pretty short, but it’s not that easy to interview me and myself at the same time. So what do you think? Am I crazy or this just normal writer stuff?

Perilously yours,


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