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Another Launch Party and More!

It’s Monday, I’m home and having a cyber launch party for Out of Time‘s digital release! And there be a prize! I’ve also got a smoking new contest at Author Island. Love it and had such a hard time letting it go. I love amber so much.

I also have NEWS. After conferring, my publisher and I have decided to go ahead with a wider print release, so it will be available with the new cover art in print, possibly some time this week! I so appreciate all the interest I’ve received for this re-released title! Many thanks!

So, yeah, the hermit LEFT THE HOUSE. I traveled to Austin to help my son apartment hunt for graduate school and we saw a couple of movies! First was The A-Team. I loved the original tv series and it was the first ever show I ever recorded on a VHS. LOL! I guess I’ve always been a sucker for action and adventure. I’d forgotten the pilot “Face” was changed to Dirk Benedict for later shows. Have no clue what happened, but have to say, the casting for the movie was AWESOME. I thought it was fun and action-filled, which was what I loved about the tv show. I’ve got the theme song stuck in my head now. lol.

We also saw The Karate Kid. I’d also seen the original, but clearly didn’t remember it as well as I thought it did. In fact, you can sum up my memory as “wax on, wax off.” (grin) While I thought Jackie Chan was awesome, I found the violence SO disturbing. That kid was SO young and pretty and if anyone had beat him that much, he’d be in the hospital! Felt any “good” message was so overshadowed by the violence. Did see a couple of movie trailers that had me curious. Might even lure me out of the house again. Eclipse releases soon and I might see that in the theater, since it was my favorite of the books. (I liked it because we actually got to see some action on the page. I did mention I like action.)

There’s been a great discussion at The Galaxy Express about “must read” Science fiction romance books. I’m thrilled and honored to have been included on this list and have been hunting down some of the books to read (that I haven’t already read). Downloaded DragonFlight by Anne McCaffrey to my kindle and while I am enjoying the story, I’m very disappointed in the digital conversion. The punctuation is awful and it is loaded with hinkiness. I suspect that the book was scanned and inexpertly proofed prior to the digital upload. Sadly, it is all too common with some of the major publishers. But back to The Galaxy Express, if you want to see a truly hysterical movie trailer for Love Story 2050, click here. Heather’s comments on the movie are great, too. I might have to track this down. I have a list of movies that I love to hate. (grin) (Of course, the downside is that SFR movies get a bad rap–or a worse rap than they already have!)

Carina Press, a digital only publisher, has launched with their first books. In Enemy Hands by K.S. Augustin (SFR release!!!)  was part of the launch. I’ve got it loaded onto my Sony Reader (why doesn’t Carina have kindle editions???) and am looking forward to reading it. Speaking of my kindle, was looking at it and realized that, with samples I’ve downloaded to check out, blogs I subscribe to, and books waiting to be read (or already read), it’s close to 250 items! I think I need to thin the herd! But the thinning (reading) will have to take a backseat to writing. Yes, I’m writing, working on the new book. 🙂

And speaking of books, while I was distracted, another anthology released with a short story by moi! Ghostly Dreamspell has the last of my Mickey and Luci stories: Do Wah Diddy Dead. Here’s the blurb:

If Miss Weena can put off dying to solve Miss Gracie’s murder, then Luci can’t play the pregnancy card to get out of playing side-kick. It’s not like it will be dangerous. Miss Gracie has been dead for decades…

It was fun to check in with the characters from Do Wah Diddy Die and I hope readers will enjoy this last visit with them. That leaves me with one more anthology release and two romance stories not connected to any of my other books. To find our more, you can go here or wait for the anthology to release. 🙂

Oh, and if you happen to be attending ApolloCon in Houston, look for me!

So what are you looking forward to the most this summer? Books? Movies? Peace and quiet? It’s already so hot here, I can’t imagine how bad August will be! I give thanks daily for A/C! I hope your summer is cool, quiet and laden with your desired delights. 🙂

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