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A Tale of Two Covers

Well, actually four, but who is counting?

cover art

I thought we’d look at two covers today because these stories are actually linked to each other. The link is subtle, but it is there. And I have hopes of writing more stories about the Time Rebellion from Nebula Nine. 

Here is the original Nebula Nine:

cover art

I think there is no question that the new one is a huge upgrade.

And here is the old cover for Time Trap:

cover art

And here is the new one!

cover art

Yeah, I goofed when I was proofing the book cover. My mistake, not the cover designers. But I still love it. This one is also only available to buy directly from me. The profit margin on a .99 cent book is pretty low anyway without having to share it with vendors who want half. That’s right, they want their thirty-five cents and I’m like, good luck with that.

Welcome to the glamorous life of an author. lol

I do have a system set up so that if you do want them, there is good tech support if you have problems getting them onto your device.

Do you ever buy directly from an author?

Perilously yours,



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