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A Book of My Heart: OUT OF TIME #snippet

Last of the Mohicans? Really?

book of my heart image

It is sometimes hard to trace the creative process that resulted in OUT OF TIME, my romantic, action-adventure time travel to World War II. I do know that it was triggered by THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS.

What could be more different than a wilderness tale and a World War II story? And yet, as I mull that time, I know there was a link, a process that brought me from one place to writing the book that became OUT OF TIME.

I know, it is a big leap, but I think at the heart of both stories are love, adventure, and courage in the face of great odds. When Mel arrives in the past, it is at the beginning of the war. She knows the outcome, but the men and women around don’t. They are afraid and yet brave enough to fight back against an enemy that feels inexorable. 

It took me several years to finish OUT OF TIME. I had a lot of research to do and there were times when I almost gave up on it. It felt too big, and beyond my skills to write. But somehow I couldn’t give up on it. I poured my heart into the story and made it all the way to The End. 

It was lovely that it was so well received by readers and reviewers because it was the book that also took me off the beaten path of my previous books and genre (mystery-romance-suspense). I think it was right before OUT OF TIME that my agent broke up with me because I lacked focus (and refused to write sex scenes lol). 

Anyway, here is a snippet from OUT OF TIME:

Someone was shouting the countdown.


She looked over her shoulder. If she succeeded, she’d never see Jack again. If she didn’t, she still wouldn’t see him again. He knew it, too. Their gazes met, clung, and then he smiled and gave her a thumbs-up. She didn’t have a free hand, but she could nod. She even managed a smile for him.

“…two…one.  Go…go…go,” the tech shouted.

She looked down and wished she hadn’t. The clouds were gone, replaced by what looked like a spinning, shining tornado. Oh, crap. She closed her eyes and stepped off the edge.

I think it is hilarious that I wrote this scene. I’m totally afraid of heights and would not be able to step off that edge. I guess I like to write about people who are braver than I am. Lol

So February is half over! How is the month going for you? Any fun reads or listens?

Perilously yours,


The OUT OF TIME audiobook is for sale .99 at Chirp for the month of February! And don’t forget to check out JUST IN TIME while you are there, the sequel to OUT OF TIME!

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