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Zombies in Love: When Undead Hearts Flutter

It's October! Love Meets a Whole New Level of Creepy!

Zombies in Love Pauline Baird Jones Oct 2 2023

Hey, all you love-struck romantics and undead enthusiasts! 🌹💀 Welcome to the blog where love meets a whole new level of creepy. Ever wondered if zombies can fall in love? Strap in, ’cause we’re diving headfirst into that brain matter! 🧠💘

Love at First Bite

First dates are nerve-wracking for everyone. But imagine this: you’re a zombie, and your idea of a dinner date involves a smorgasbord of brains. Ah, young (undead) love! 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️

Eternally Yours… Until Decomposition Do Us Part

Traditional wedding vows say, “Till death do us part,” but when you’re already dead, what’s the cut-off? “Till decomposition do us part” seems fitting. Ahh, the sweet smell of eternal (kinda?) love! 💒🌹

The Brains Behind the Beauty

Brains, that’s what zombies love. So, don’t bother with that expensive perfume. A sprinkle of Brain Essence™ is all you need to be the dead-center of attention. 💄🧠

Relationship Goals: Being Dead Together

Remember, zombies don’t ghost—they haunt as a couple. Sure, it might be a slow, decaying relationship, but they’ve got all eternity, right? 💏💀

So next time you’re down about love, remember: even zombies find their soulless mates. Now, go forth and find your ‘boo!’ 👻

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