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Why Krista Wagner Wrote RIAN FIELD

book cover

I wrote RIAN FIELD because I went through a traumatic experience. The novel is a psychological thriller, and though it is fictionalized, a lot of the moments are based off of my own experience.

On Black Friday of 2013, I could not get a hold of my dad. Out of concern, I drove the mile to his house to check on him. His front door swung open and a masked man peered out. I thought it was a Halloween prank for a second before remembering that it was the end of November.

I screamed and tried to get to my car, but he pulled me inside of the house where for the next three and a half hours, four masked men held my dad and me captive at gunpoint, waiting for my grandpa, a jewelry dealer, to come home so they could take him to his place of business and rob him.

They made me give them my wedding ring set and necklace, the first gift my husband got me,  and intermittently threatened my life and my kids’ (they stole my car keys which had a picture of them on it).

Although I wasn’t physically harmed, my life was threatened and both my dad and I thought for sure we were going to die. Thus, RIAN FIELD was born.

Her story deals with PTSD and how she navigates through it. I also showcase EMDR, a form of therapy, as part of her journey. But, most importantly, I share how, in spite of the severity of a trauma, there is hope and victory.

author photoKrista Wagner is a 70’s product of Southern California who lives with her Marine Corp veteran husband, three very entertaining children, and an indispensable faith in Christ.

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When I first read Krista’s blog post, well, you know how I felt. You’ve read it now, too. So inspiring and, yes, terrifying! I’m so glad you are physically okay and thank you for sharing your story!

So readers, almost afraid to ask if you’ve got some trauma that writing or reading has helped you work through?

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