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Why I Wrote MATEER by Veronica Scott

(A Badari Warriors SciFi Romance Novel) Sectors New Allies Series Book Two

cover art

Thanks for having me as your guest to talk about Why I Wrote my latest release, Mateer  (A Badari Warriors Scifi Romance Novel), Sectors New Allies Series Book 2. This series is connected to my scifi world of the Sectors, but with the action taking place elsewhere.

As with the first book, Aydarr, I’m enjoying working with the concept of genetically engineered soldiers, the Badari, created by an alien race to help them in a war against the humans in the Sectors. I love Lora Leigh’s Breeds series and Laurann Dohner’s New Species books and it’s creatively exciting to have my own take on the trope embodied in this new series.

The enemy has kidnapped the population of a human colony and brought the people to a planet set aside for special research projects (the nastier the better according to the alien scientists). So, of course, the Badari warriors and the humans team up against their mutual enemy. Romance inevitably happens between these brave, fearless soldiers and equally strong and determined human women from the colony.

I’m trying not to do too many spoilers for book one here!

With Mateer, I wanted to keep the series arc moving forward, advancing the overall plot, but I wasn’t done with the idea of a Badari warrior trapped in a lab and the human woman who helps him. There’s such a huge story potential inherent in the situation, which seems hopeless at first glance, but the hero and heroine will find a way out (this is romance – happy endings!).  I pondered how Megan, a doctor, would react to being awakened and finding herself a prisoner under threat of really despicable alien experiments – she’d naturally want to use her medical skills to help her fellow humans survive, but not get drawn into offering the enemy even the slightest assistance. And then there’s Mateer, the chief enforcer from the Badari pack, who’s been recaptured, much to the glee of the scientist running the lab. He has plans for Mateer and Megan together.

So while the two are mutually attracted to each other, they feel they have to resist the scientist’s plot designed specifically for them…and then something happens to Megan to totally change up the situation.

I think my biggest challenge for this second book in the series was to make Mateer his own man, differentiated from Aydarr, the Alpha in book one. I had to sit and ponder how growing up in the same harsh circumstances as every other Badari would result in his being a unique person, with his own take on life. I also had a bit of fun in the beginning as Mateer envies the Alpha and his mate (from book one’s events), and has some confusion about how the whole concept of finding and being a mate works.  Not, mind you, the physical aspects, but how to know he’s met the one woman for him and how to impress on her that he’s the one man for her.

With Megan, who is the sister of book one’s heroine, but very different – younger, a doctor rather than a soldier as Jill was – I felt her medical training and knowledge would make her much more cautious about trusting her feelings in the high pressure environment of the Khagrish lab/prison.

The blurb:  Megan Garrison, a doctor at the Sectors Amarcae 7 colony, goes to sleep one night as usual only to wake up in her nightgown, strapped to a table in an alien lab, destined to be the subject of terrifying experiments. Granted a brief reprieve, Megan and the other kidnapped humans are released in the middle of a forestlike enclosure on this unknown world and told to survive as best they can for now.

Her only hope is Mateer, the genetically engineered alien warrior imprisoned with the humans. He knows more than he’s sharing about this planet, their captors and the fate of other humans, including perhaps her own sisters. Turns out everyone from her colony has been kidnapped by the Khagrish, a ruthless race of alien scientists. Working for enemies of the human-led Sectors, the Khagrish have created the Badari to be super soldiers.

Mateer, a tough Badari enforcer, now a rebel, is captured while infiltrating the lab to help his pack bring it down. He’s also been ordered by his leaders to search for Megan and save her life at all costs. Tortured by the enemy, he’s offered one chance at survival – convince Megan to become his mate and assist the Khagrish with further experiments.

As the situation at the lab grows worse, Megan struggles against her deep attraction to Mateer, while she does her best to shield the other humans from the terrible Khagrish experiments. For his part, Mateer knows she really is his fated mate and despairs of being able to keep her safe, as the rebel attack is delayed and she fights the truth of their bond.

Will they be able to work together to defeat Khagrish plans and preserve human lives until the promised rescue happens? And what of their future together – will Megan accept Mateer as her true mate, or walk away if she’s freed?

The excerpt: From fairly early in the book, while Megan and her fellow humans are being kept in the wilderness Preserve outside the lab, along with Mateer. She’s curious to learn more about him.

Next morning, she saw Mateer heading away from the cave and, with no hesitation, she decided to follow him. A day spent with the other humans, listening to Harker give orders and theorize about the Khagrish intentions had no appeal for her. Mateer was quite a mystery wrapped in a lethal, handsome package, and she wanted to know more, despite her misgivings about what he’d said Lampergg might be maneuvering the two of them into. Grabbing a handful of the berries to munch on, she toiled after him as he climbed a gentle hill. When she reached the top he was nowhere in sight, and she paused in disbelief. Where had he disappeared to in such a hurry?

“Looking for me?”

At the sound of his deep voice right in her ear, Megan jumped and wheeled to see him behind her, a big grin on his face. Laughing to cover her momentary fright, she gave him a gentle push, which had no effect at all on him, of course. “You startled me. How do you manage to move so quietly?”

“It’s a gift,” he said, although his tone didn’t indicate any pleasure in the skill. “You shouldn’t be out here alone, better go back to the cave with the others. I can take a moment to escort you. There are predators in the Preserve, as I’ve mentioned before.”

“I’d rather go with you, wherever you’re bound for.”

“Even if I’m going hunting?”

“As a doctor, I’m hardly the squeamish type. Besides, we have enough meat for now, you said so yourself. But if you don’t want company—”

“Your company is always a pleasure,” he said. “Come then, but it’ll be a hike for you.”

They walked in silence. She knew he was shortening his stride for her as well as picking the easiest path, courtesies she appreciated. “Are you native to this world then? You know it so well, all the details of the wildlife and the edible vegetation, and other aspects like the weather.”

“I’ve lived here all my life,” he said, which was sort of an answer, but she had the impression there was much more behind the simple statement.

Hoping to encourage a conversation, she said, “We lived all over the Sectors when I was growing up. Our parents were in the service, and we got posted to different bases. I didn’t stay in one spot for long until I went to college then medical school, at a fancy Inner Sectors institution. I had a full ride scholarship. Jill was in the service—well, I imagine she briefed you on her record.”

He shook his head. “We’ve not had much time for simple conversation. She may have told her mate. How did you end up on the colony world then?”

“Jill cashed out her veterans’ benefits and bought a homestead there. Our parents passed away when a plague swept their Sector. My twin sister Lily had the infection as well, but she survived.”

“Now that I’ve met you, I was pondering the difference between you and Lily,” he said. “She has a much more fragile air, easily overwhelmed by events or adversity.”

“I’m the elder, and I guess I’ve been the bossy one of the two of us since birth. I sheltered her when we were kids. Jill was older than us, of course, and not home much. Lily and I aren’t identical, you know.”

He paused and turned to her, eyes narrowed, face intent, as if what he intended to say was supremely important to him. “I could never mistake you, even if you and she were identical to the eye. When I saw you in the hallway at the lab the first time, I was disoriented, enraged to have been captured rather than killed, or I wouldn’t have been confused.”

“I didn’t mind,” she said, since his tone was apologetic. People mistaking her for her twin happened so often she learned long ago not to take offense. “Knowing you’d seen her gave me hope actually.”

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Veronica ScottUSA Today Best Selling Author

“SciFi Encounters” columnist for the USA Today Happy Ever After blog

Veronica Scott grew up in a house with a library as its heart. Dad loved science fiction, Mom loved ancient history and Veronica thought there needed to be more romance in everything. When she ran out of books to read, she started writing her own stories.

Seven time winner of the SFR Galaxy Award, as well as a National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award, Veronica is also the proud recipient of a NASA Exceptional Service Medal relating to her former day job, not her romances!

She was honored to read the part of Star Trek Crew Member in the audiobook production of Harlan Ellison’s “The City On the Edge of Forever.”

Find Veronica online:  Blog   Twitter  Facebook

I’d like to thank Veronica for stopping by to share the why she wrote Mateer, her new Sectors Allies Book! This is such a fun idea! I hope you’ll check out both books and be sure to ask her a question!

Perilously yours,



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