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When Two Ideas Collide (inside your head)

But why would an alien from another galaxy be in New Orleans....

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Core Punch happened when two ideas collided inside my head. The first idea came from Heather Massey, who manages The Galaxy Express blog. She mentioned wishing that someone would write a noir science fiction romance. Well, I don’t write noir, but I have been working on a contemporary romantic mystery series called The Big Uneasy. I considered Heather’s suggestion and found myself wondering what a future New Orleans would be like….

Bam. My mystery/science fiction romance mash-up began to swirl inside my brain. I knew if it was New Orleans and there was a cop, then said cop needed to be a descendant of my Bakers from The Big Uneasy. But if this was the future…what if there was also a descendant from one of my characters from Project Enterprise?


But why would an alien from another galaxy be in New Orleans….

At some point, every book begins with a question and that was the defining question of Core Punch. The answer to that question is an adventure. A serious hosing in the middle of a hurricane. And a little romance, because you know I love the romance.

So if you’ve read either (or both) series, there is a little somethin’ something in Core Punch for you. And I hope if you haven’t read either series, you can still enjoy Core Punch as a standalone story. 🙂

This series (An Uneasy Future) will be a little different for me (I know, I always say that, but this time I mean it). For one thing, the books will be shorter, so that I can write them faster. That’s a good thing, right? Hey, when I write BABs (Big A** Books), it takes me a year or more. So faster is better for all of us.  I also want the series umbrella to be big, in case I get spin-off ideas from my, um, spin-off.

So, for now, the series is An Uneasy Future, which is all about Vi and Joe. But, if I “meet “someone interesting, I can riff off and write about them. 🙂

So have you ever had two ideas collide inside your head?


Perilously yours,


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