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Why She Writes: Veronica Scott

Mission to Mahjundar cover artSo what’s a little kid with a BIG imagination to do when she’s read ALL the books that interest her in the library, and on her family’s book shelves? And she can’t find that many books in the first place that speak to her love of adventure, strong heroines, brave heroes, science fiction or ancient history, and romance?

Yup, I started writing. I was about seven when I did my first, self-illustrated tale of flying horses, princesses and a brave riverboat captain. As I grew up, there were never enough books to satisfy me. In addition to that, I’d come home from watching a good movie and want there to be more adventures. Not to mention wanting to live for a time in the world that had been on the screen!  I always had a definite bias toward science fiction and ancient history. (Although if I could have figured out how to be adopted into the Trixie Belden family, I’d have been gone like a shot!)

Those original influences are still very much with me now that I write full blown novels. On the one hand I have a science fiction universe going on, called The Sectors, and there my everyday-intergalactic- businesswomen and my Special Forces guys of the future find themselves catapulted into threatening and complex situations where everyone has to work together to survive…and romance develops along the way.  (Altho, my third novel in this universe features a blind princess who surprises everyone with what she can accomplish.) I’m heavily influenced by Andre Norton and Anne McCaffrey and Ripley of “Aliens”, to name a few.

photo of cover of Wreck of Nebula DreamI’m telling the stories I’d like to actually be a part of. I usually start  with a situation in mind – what if I were trapped on the Titanic, but it was a space liner in the far future….what if I were caught behind enemy lines on an alien planet….what if? Can there be a better, more enticing takeoff point for a rip-roaring good story? Then my characters come to mind and the book becomes theirs and we’re off on the adventure. (Hopefully the readers come along too and enjoy the twists and turns!) I have so many more stories in mind to write in this universe, with new and different characters. Maybe even a series or two…

When it comes to my paranormal romances set in ancient Egypt, there’s a more singular beginning. As a kid, I was totally and utterly captivated by Eloise Jarvis McGraw’s YA novel  Mara, Daughter of the Nile. I loved ancient history anyway and the idea of telling my own stories set in the distant past was irresistible. BUT, I wanted to write stories where the Egyptian gods and goddesses became directly involved in the events. I do take some liberties with the realities of life along the Nile 4000 years ago in order to make all this work, but I do a lot of research to portray as much of the historical detail as accurately as I can. Again the tales feature a strong heroine (a dancer, a priestess, a young mother…) and a warrior who is her equal partner in the adventure and challenges.  Rather than aliens, spaceships and blasters, these characters contend with demons, chariots and swords.

Veronica ScottWriting to me is like breathing. I have to write. If for some reason I couldn’t write, I’d still tell my stories to whoever would listen, even if the audience was only myself. (That wouldn’t be as much fun though.)

And there you have it! Thanks for inviting me to be a return Guest, Pauline!


Veronica, it was totally my pleasure to have you back sharing your story! Thank you! So, peeps, it’s a new month with a new, AnaBanana gift basket to give away ($25 value), so please give some comment love! I announce a new winner the first blog post of the new month!

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You can find Veronica Scott here.

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