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Why Mandy Jarvis Wrote Snapshots

First for me, then for other young people experiencing challenges.

Why I wrote this book? That’s not necessarily a difficult question, maybe just a difficult explanation. At first, it was really for me, a cathartic way to heal after the various struggles and trials I had endured.

Then I found I wanted to share my own personal experiences. I began to realize I did not want my painful experiences to be in vain. I wanted to reach young people earlier than I had been reached, and with an impact that could potentially stop them for even a moment and create a dialogue, within themselves or amongst a safe group, that could change either the direction of their choices and/or give them peace in knowing they are not alone in their struggles.

As I went through some of my various trials I either closed myself up, experienced ignorance in people’s knowledge and therefore I was bullied, or there was nothing, no one, no resources, no precedence in my particular case. I knew I couldn’t let that happen to anyone else if there something I could physically do.

So, I sat down and began putting myself into a fiction series. I felt the main character in my series, Kallie, come into a life of her own. Therefore, some of the things she’s going to go through, are her very own. However, many are mine, poured into Kallie. I relived many emotions, but with every word, I felt I was getting closer to the young kids/adults that might just relate to me, through Kallie. For me, if I could reach one person, speak to one person’s heart it will have all been worth it and I would feel the completed circle, I began.

About Snapshot:

Kallie the good little Christian girl, or so she’s always been told, is torn in two.
She doesn’t want to jump off the deep-end, forgetting everything she grew up with, knows and feels.

Yet, forces all around her are tearing her in two different directions.

Her own heart and mind can’t seem to reconcile.

Advice from church leaders fill her mind about the importance of marriage and family. Her heart is drawn to something very different; seeing the world through the lenses of her camera.

It’s not that marriage isn’t appealing, but just out of high school? She saw the young women, older than her, coming home from a church college sporting their left-hand sparkly souvenirs. It had the opposite effect on Kallie than intended. There was zero jealousy.

It scared her.

Maybe it was wrong but she kept thinking: That’s it. That is their life, forever, already decided.
Her twin brother, in her mind, has been given a sort of reprieve by choosing to serve a mission right out of high school. Her parents gave her that option or the option of going to a church college aka the marriage meat market. A mission never felt right for her. So, her choice was made.

Going to college, any college just gets her closer to her dream!

She won’t become a cliché.

Goal: church college with zero sparkly souvenirs!

You can buy Snapshot or find out more: Amazon  Email   Twitter    Facebook

I’d like to thank Mandy for stopping by today to share the story behind her story. I have a special connection with Mandy (we’re cousins!), so I’m very excited for her book release and, of course, I one-clicked to get a copy! I look forward to reading it!

So, reading peeps, have you ever felt like you couldn’t meet the “standard” expectations? What did you do?

Perilously yours,



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