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Why I Wrote Nebula Nine

I've never played poker in my life!


cover art

Sometimes I write something because the character or story shows up and entices me into an adventure and a romance.

Sometimes I write something because I was invited into a project.

That’s the short story for why I wrote Nebula Nine

And behind that story is the fact that I’m stubborn. lol

I heard about this Romantic Times Convention project almost too late to participate. I’d already written three other projects that year (#crazy), and Thanksgiving and Christmas loomed on the horizon. The deadline was killer: one month, give or take a few days.

Did I mention I’m stubborn? lol

I figured I had nothing to lose by trying. The anthology (which was going to be a print-only freebie for the Intergalactic Bar & Grille Party) was supposed to be set on some kind of space station with a casino theme (the convention was in Las Vegas that year).

Did I mention I’d been to a casino once and had never played a game of poker in my life?

I wasn’t just stubborn. I was crazy. I told myself to just let it go and enjoy my holidays. Instead, I Googled poker and wrote. My head almost exploded, because there’s time travel in there. And poker. lol

So my story ended up in Dealer’s Choice: An Intergalactic Bar & Grille Anthology. If you weren’t at the party or didn’t win it in a giveaway, you can’t find it anywhere. It was limited edition and now out of print.

For a while, I offered my story, Nebula Nine, for free if you signed up for my newsletter. But I’ve had some requests for it, so I am putting it on sale. Because of the requests. Because it’s March and the groundhog didn’t see his shadow (Or did? I never can remember.) so we’re in our six more weeks of winter.

So here’s the blurb:

Special Forces Temporal Agent, Jane Doe fixes time when it goes wrong, but it feels like more than time is wrong on the aging Nebula Nine Space Station. Why would someone from the future want to blow it out of existence? Why does it feel like there is more going on than is detailed in her mission brief? Who is the blue-eyed stranger who doesn’t feel like a stranger? Why does she fear he is the one man can break her heart—providing she can survive the Nebula Nine adventure.

I hope you’ll check it out (and if you’ve already read it, tell someone they can get it without getting my newsletter. lol Or maybe give it a review. Books always looks so naked without reviews, don’t they?)

It’s been a while since I did a “why I wrote,” for one of my own books. What do you think of the blurb and/or the cover?

Perilously yours,


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