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Why I Wrote Beaucoup Fracas!

The 6th Installment in my Big Uneasy Series!

Jan 2 - Why I Wrote Beaucoup Fracas Pauline Baird Jones

I was so thrilled to release Beaucoup Fracas, the 6th installment in my Big Uneasy series, last month! 

Releasing the book in 2021 meant I met my publishing goals, but beyond that, I really want to write the story for all 13 siblings, so I need to bust a move! 

That means I still have eight sibings left. Wait, you ask, that math isn’t good and we know you’re not good at math. You are right, however, the 3rd installment, Louisiana Lagniappe, tells their dad, Zach’s, story. 

I had to write that story after I went to my high school reunion. It was a moral imperative. Lol (Thankfully no one died at my reunion and I had a great time. No drama at all. But the emotions it brought up needed somewhere to go.)

So that means I still have eight siblings with stories left to tell. 

But for today, we’re focusing on one sibling: Gideon, who is the private investigator of the family. 

It’s not all roses and light for him, because Zach doesn’t approve, even though Zach loves The Perry Mason Show and Gideon is essentially a Paul Drake. He does investigations for lawyers—none of them named Perry or Mason. And honestly, the lawyer’s name doesn’t matter in this story. 

I like bringing odd couples together and this is an odd pairing for sure. 

So who did I pick for Gideon? Her name is Jessica (after my daughter and yes, I do use a couple of things from her life in this story. I’m hoping it helps her get closure. Lol)

Unlike my Jessica, this Jessica is a car mechanic. 

Yeah, I paired my “Paul Drake” with a mechanic. 


I just thought it would be funny. I’ve had a “female mechanic” idea on my backburner for years and somehow she moved to the front of the line. 

The challenge of bringing the two together was…interesting. It helped that they both wanted it to happen, but stuff kept happening. (Haha)

Here’s the blurb for Beaucoup Fracas:

She doesn’t want to be there. He doesn’t either.

Private investigator, Gideon Baker, is on the trail of a missing husband. A tip about the man’s car sends him to the Savoie Salvage yard in steamy southern Louisiana, but the owner is dead and his daughter, Jessica, is trying to sort out the mess her father left behind. 

Jessica would rather be anywhere than dealing with the debris left behind by the father she never met. His salvage—aka junkyard is giving her daddy issues and heat rash. Oh, and there is that a dead body.

Gideon and Jessica strike sparks—the good kind—as they find themselves following a trail of murder, betrayal, and classic cars. 

Can they survive the heat and the gunshots long enough to fall in love? 

Cozy up with Beaucoup Fracas, the sixth installment in the popular Big Uneasy series!

And here’s an excerpt for you from Jessica’s and Gideon’s first meeting:

She rose from behind the defeated, paper-strewn desk and studied who had caused the shadow. 

Not bad, she decided.

Tall, shoulders just broad enough for the loose-fitting (a pity) tee shirt, tapering down to hips lean without being annoying. If a guy had a smaller hip size than hers? Bye, bye. 

The face was as nice as the bod. Dark hair that looked honestly tousled. Brown eyes with a glint of humor and a hint of admiration. Glints were good. Glints weren’t creepy. And admiration? She could totally live with that.

Clean-shaven. This let the full force of his smile out as it crept quietly across his face. 

Here’s where you can find out more!

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Don’t miss out on this installment in the Big Uneasy series!

Perilously yours,


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