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Who Likes a Twofer?

Cosmic Boom and Beaucoup Fracas are on preorder!

5-Twofer-Cosmic Boom Pauline Baird Jones

I’m so excited to report that Cosmic Boom: Project Enterprise 9 is now available for preorder! And here’s the cover, blurb, and preorder links! And you can get a FREE sample!

First the blurb!

A critical mission, a cosmic event, and a secret….

Cosmic Boom Project Enterprise by Pauline Baird JonesUSAF Captain Hedy Quinton joined Project Enterprise so she could travel to a distant galaxy. Excited about her first command, she never expected the headaches that would go with it. She’s dealing with a lonely AI in its systems, a really cute deck officer who used to be a robot, a disgruntled ally who wants to be in command, and a passel of possibly dubious scientists. The only thing going for her is that none of them are named Dr. Smith.

BoomerJ—known as Boom—is still getting used to his new human body. His new form feels and needs things that his robot body never did, especially when he is around his new commanding officer, Hedy Quinton. His new emotions also make him realize something else—that his new form is fragile compared to his old one.

For Hedy, the pressures of command come into sharp conflict with the longings of her heart when Boom goes down to check out the weird happenings on an unknown planet. Things don’t go well down on the planet or up on the ship, making Hedy wonder if she should rethink her life’s choices. 

Can their love survive a cosmic event, betrayal, and the secret of Boom’s past, or will they be destined to be lost in space?

If you love your chemistry interstellar, your action fast-paced, and your space opera sprawling, then grab COSMIC BOOM, the ninth entry in the award-winning Project Enterprise series, and take an exciting adventure into the unknown.

You can preorder COSMIC BOOM here: 

 Amazon  Apple Books  Barnes & Noble  Kobo  GooglePlay

Get a free sample.

Add the book to your Goodreads shelf! 

Thank you so much for your patience. As we all know, the last year has been a little challenging. It took me a lot longer to write this book than I planned, but it is longer than I planned, too. And I think it is pretty fun. 

Here’s an excerpt:

When Captain Hedy Quinton had traveled to another galaxy as part of Project Enterprise, Hedy had expected both adventure and danger. She’d known she’d meet aliens and that she might have to shoot some of them. 

Her expectations had been met and more. She’d arrived on the second deployment aboard the Apollo, having missed the first war with the Dusan. The Apollo had taken damage during a battle with some evil robots—not to be confused with the robots of the spaceship Najer—and creepy bird-like aliens. 

It had been rotated back to earth for repair and refit. She wasn’t ready to go home, so she’d wrangled a transfer to the Doolittle under the command of General Halliwell. 

And then she’d ended up on shuttle duty. Life in the United States Air Force, even back on earth, had been filled with long stretches of not much happening, interspersed with intense activity. And yet, somehow, she’d expected life in this new galaxy to be a series of Star Trek episodes.

Once again, you can preorder your copy: 

 Amazon  Apple Books  Barnes & Noble  Kobo  GooglePlay

Get a free sample here: or here (requires an email).

Add the book to your Goodreads shelf! 

And I have more news!!! 

So you’ve all been so patient that you deserved Big Uneasy news. It’s not perfect news, but it is progress! I set up the preorder for Beaucoup Fracas: The Big Uneasy Book Six, at Apple Books! 

Why only Apple Books? Because they will let me adjust the timing—I can move it up (the outcome I’m hoping for!) or push it back (not planning on that happening)—without any penalty. Amazon is really mean if you move your date up or push it back. 

But I have been writing actual words on the book! 

So here’s the cover reveal, and preliminary (that means it’s not a final blurb because I don’t know what is going to happen yet, just who it will happen to) blurb! 

She doesn’t want to be there. He doesn’t either.

Private investigator, Gideon Baker, is on the trail of a missing husband. A tip about the man’sBeaucoup Fracas Big Uneasy Pauline Baird Jones car sends him to the Savoie Salvage yard, but the owner is dead and his daughter, Jessica, is trying to sort out the mess her father left behind. 

Jessica would rather be anywhere than sorting out the debris left behind by the father she never even met. His salvage—aka junk—yard is giving her daddy issues and heat rash. 

Gideon and Jessica strike sparks—both kinds—as they find themselves following a trail of murder, betrayal, and junk cars. 

Stay tuned for Beaucoup Fracas, the sixth installment in the Big Uneasy series, releasing late 2021 or early 2022! 

Preorder at Apple Books! 

I hope you’re as excited as I am! That might be hard because I’m pretty excited. I think the only other time I’ve had this level of “dry” spell with my writing was the year the son had cancer. On my scale of crap years, that was the worst, but the Covid year was hard in different ways, so it’s definitely in my top five.

So I love finally having some good news to share! I hope you’re excited, too!

What’s happening in your corner of the world?

Perilously yours,


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